Succor Dice Success

Posted by Meg Megan, a happy fan and one of the winners from the most recent cosplay contest, let us know how pleased she was to receive her set of four succor dice. Now, she can go and play the winning games from the succor contest. To check out Megan’s entry, visit her Deviant Art […]

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Succor Contest Winners

Hello everyone! I’m Meg, Peat’s new assistant. I will be posting regularly to both the blog and the forum. As one of my first duties, I am pleased to announce the winners for the Succor Contest. Peat told me to apologize for the delay in announcing the winners. He has been very busy working on […]

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Cosplay Prizes and Succor Contest

So after what feels like forever, I finally have almost all the prizes for the Cosplay Contest Winners in order. And by “winners”, I mean everyone who entered because they are all awesome. The Grand Prize, an original painting by Lauren K. Cannon inspired by Margherita in her Inevera costume with her face painted in, is […]

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