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Progress Update: The Core

Happy New Year! Have I missed my window to say that? Probably, but it’s my first personal blog post of the year. I would make a new year’s resolution to write more of them, but in order to make a resolution you need resolve, and my resolve is to spend as much of my writing […]

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Happy Solstice!

Posted by Peat In the Demon Cycle books, where day and night is often the difference between life and death, Solstice—both summer and winter—is a major holiday. To mark the event the last couple of years, I posted a free story, Holiday in Tibbet’s Brook, starring Arlen, Renna, and the rest of the Tibbet’s cast. If […]

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Nothing to See Here…

SPOILER ALERT!!! Hi! I’m fantasy writer Peter V. Brett. You may be a new reader wandering around my website for the first time, fresh from reading The Warded Man. Or maybe you got linked here by some SF blog you like, or someone’s retweet, and have no idea who I am. That’s cool. I’m a […]

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Daylight War: Evolution of a Cover (1 of 3) – Intro

Posted by Peat I like to think that I write pretty good books, but so do a lot of people. While my words may keep people turning pages and/or coming back for sequels, the thing most likely to get a new reader pick up a book in the first place is the cover. The cover […]

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PolCon Releases Daylight War Preview in Polish

Posted by Meg Polish fans! Check it out: PolCon released a Polish translation of The Daylight War preview focusing on Inevera. You can download the preview here: Polish Daylight War Preview You can find the original English preview on Peat’s website. If you haven’t read it already, I would definitely take a look, especially if you are […]

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