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Arlen with Circular Wards

Posted by Meg Check out this incredible Arlen fan art by Deviant Art user laineyluke. I love the inventive circular ward designs that map Arlen’s skin. Beautifully done! And don’t forget to enter the Create Your Own Skull Throne Cover Contest to win the ultimate Demon Cycle book collection. Contest ends August 18, 2014.

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Create Your Own Skull Throne Cover Contest!

Posted by Meg Before The Daylight War was released, we ran a Create Your Own Cover contest. Fans created some seriously stunning covers. Well, with the new Skull Throne cover, art by Larry Rostant, about to be released, it’s time to predict the future and design your own Skull Throne cover! Contest Guidelines Design your […]

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Warded Engravings

Posted by Meg Tadeusz on Facebook sent Peat these beautiful warded engravings he created himself: Incredible! These feel like artifacts buried beneath the rocks of Thesa! Thanks for posting! Want to view more incredible fan art? You check out our board of amazing warded art here.

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More Inevera Cosplay from Poland!

Posted by Meg Looking like the cover art from The Daylight War, this Inevera cosplay is just blowing us away. We posted about it a couple weeks ago when someone spotted this fan at  Dni Fantastyki in Wroclaw, Poland. Here are some additional shots of Olka as Inevera and wielding some serious magic.  

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Mind Demon Warded Mural

Posted by Meg Joey on Facebook decided to give his closet a makeover. Here’s what he had to say: I painted my closet door white and started yesterday morning an drew this awesome wardedan mural it’s the mind demon summoning a bigger Nader demon. Awesome! We are loving these detailed demon depictions. Excellent work, Joey!

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