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Fanart: Valentin’s Demon Drawings!

Posted by Karen Drabble Contest Update: Thanks so much for your patience! After much deliberation, we’ve finally settled on the winners. Results will be posted on Monday, so look out for them! In the meantime, we’re taking a day to feature one of our German fans. Currently studying stage design, Valentin has taken some time […]

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Peter V. Brett visits the tea lair!

Posted by Karen We have a special treat today! In the last week, Peat took some time off to have tea with the delightful Emma Newman. During their meeting, they talked about interior decorating, chickens, and of course… mortal peril. Tea and Jeopardy blends interview and audio drama into a delicious cup of awesome. Check […]

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Renna Cosplay: Freijya McNulty

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! We’ve been working with some fantastic fans recently—from bakers to reviewers to awesome cosplayers. Today, we’re happy to feature Freijya NcNulty. Freijya was one of our winners from The Skull Throne ARC Contest and  continues to amaze. Check out her thought process for this incredible Renna cosplay: “I’m sure many […]

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Warded Cookie Feast!

Posted by Karen Mari, on her blog Story and Somnomancy, has been hard at work in the kitchen baking some delightful high fantasy treats. She decided to perfect her sugar cookie recipe and, while she was at it, decided to add some fandom flare. Symbols from Game of Thrones, Mistborn, and the Abhorsen series made their […]

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Renna Cosplay: Joy Cronje

Posted by Karen One of the most amazing and flattering ways someone can show their love for a character is through cosplay. There’s nothing better than catching sight of Leesha at a convention or seeing someone’s awesome Renna cosplay on Facebook! Each one is amazing and I can personally attest to Peat gushing over more […]

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