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The Desert Spear In Brazil!

Posted by Karen Look out Brazil! Well, it’s finally happened. After a long wait, we’re excited to announce that The Desert Spear‘s latest translation (A Lança do Deserto) is now available in Brazil! Darkside Press posted some teaser pictures on their website. Personally, I think this edition looks -awesome-! Seriously, this is some straight-up book porn. […]

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Arlen and Renna Halloween Cosplay!

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! On Halloween, Daniel and Cat wowed us with their stunning Demon Cycle cosplays (Arlen and Renna respectively). We followed up to get the full scoop on their creative process. Check it out! “Here are some Halloween pictures I mentioned on Goodreads of me and my girl dressed as Arlen and […]

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Pumpkin Contest: Snow Ward Pumpkin!

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! While this pumpkin wasn’t technically entered as part of the contest, we’ve decided to include it! Check out this process for making snow ward o’ lantern! First Stefan selected wards appropriate to Canadian weather… Then came the hard part. Marking up pumpkins and carving them is a labor-intensive process, but […]

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Warded Man Video Review

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! I know the pumpkin contest has been dragging on, but don’t worry. If you haven’t seen your entry featured here yet, it should be coming up within the next week or so! In the meantime, check out Elena’s video review of The Warded Man. This video also includes a giveaway, […]

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Myke Cole Contest: Winner!

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! Submissions are in and the winner of the Myke Cole Contest is Robert with this incredible symbol for the Polish Supernatural Unit: Unit name: P.O.S. = Polski Odzia? Super-naturalny (Polish Supernatural Unit) Unit motto: Za Wszelk? Cen? (No price too great/By any means necessary) Congratulations, Robert! For your prize, you’re […]

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