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Demon Cycle Tweets #6

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! Hope everyone is having a great 2017. It’s still early in the year, but we got a bunch of Demon Cycle tweets over the past few weeks (and during the holidays!). Here are some of my favorites… Still got the winter blues? This first tweet is from Dominika on Facebook […]

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Fanart: Demon Cycle Shirt!

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! Marion from Germany created this awesome one-off Demon Cycle shirt. Check it out: Warmest greetings from Germany. Just wanted to send you a short thank you for giving me so many inspired hours full of entertainment and thrills. There were lots of evenings where I couldn’t stop reading – I […]

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Verge’s Titles To Watch Out For– THE CORE

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! The Verge put out a list of 33 books to look foreward to in the upcoming year and we were thrilled to see Peat’s name on it. It’s a great list and definitely worth checking out: “The Core by Peter V. Brett — August 15th Not all long-awaited fantasy epics […]

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Turkish Rights To Skull Throne Sold

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! We’re officially one step closer to world domination. Just recently (and by recent I mean two days ago) Peat officially signed the contracts renewing Epsilon’s rights to The Warded Man as well as giving them the rights to translate and publish The Skull Throne: This is super exciting for us. […]

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First Fanart Of 2017!

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! Okay, while we’ve technically put up Fanart earlier in the year, these are the first pieces that we actually received in 2017. It totally counts. Today we’re thrilled to show off some cool interpretations of demons. Walker The Runner created and sent in these pics via Twitter. First up is […]

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