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Fanart: Warded Heart Circle Tattoo!

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! We love seeing tattoos of the Demon Cycle. Not only are they hugely flattering to the, they’re also frikken cool. Matt Starry recently sent us some pics of this incredible ward circle around his heart. That’s right, he -literally- warded his heart and the result is completely badass. Check it […]

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Demon Cycle Tweets #1

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! One of my favorite things about my job is checking people’s tweets. I love looking through to see what people say about the Demon Cycle, so today, I’m going to share a few: The next in line arrived today! 😀 @PVBrett @HarperVoyagerUK Can’t wait to get started on it now […]

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Warding for Treasure Contest

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! We’re pleased to announce the launch of the Demon Cycle Badali Jewelry line. Whatever type of demon you’re trying to fend off, there’s something here to aid your battle. We have warded rings and pendants, some with custom enamel in your choice of color, with more exciting pieces to come! […]

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Fan Art: Beautiful Inevera Portrait

Posted by Karen Random Internet searches can sometimes turn up lovely fan art we never knew was out there! Check out this sexy Inevera artwork by fan Ilaria Lazzarotto. I love the magical dice levitating in her open hand and the beautiful warding on her skin. Fantastic job. Thank you Ilaria for posting! You can […]

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Fanart: Warded Power Bars!

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! Unconventional fanart is awesome. I cannot tell you how much I love looking at all Peat’s pictures of warded plates/pumpkins/lanterns/etc. On that note, Peat’s superfan Mia has once again surprised us with something totally new. These came in awhile ago, but they definitely deserve a mention. Every time Mia sends […]

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