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Fanart: Demon Designs

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! We’ve got some new art from a fan overseas. This awesome picture was sent in by Lucie P. from France! You thought one demon was scary? Try six: I love just how different they all look; the thinner wood demon with its bark-like spines, the rock demon’s lumbering form, the […]

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Cosplay: Arlen At Hellfest

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! Or should I say Bonjour? Hellfest is an annual music festival that features punk and heavy metal. Last June, Matthew AN attended with an awesome Arlen Cosplay. Because a dude with tattoos who fights demons is pretty damn badass. Check it out! And what good is a Deliverer without his […]

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Le Cycle des Démons: SensCritique review!

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! Our newest video review comes from Linilim at SensCritique. I’m particularly excited for this one because I get to put my rusty French to use. I knew it would be useful eventually! This is a clever review from a clever reviewer. I love the concise witty format and it’s obvious […]

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Skull Throne: #1 Fantasy book on iBooks France

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! The French translation of The Skull Throne (Le Trône de Crâne) has been listed as the # 1 Fantasy book of 2015 on iBooks France.   Thanks so much to all of Peat’s French fans for reading and supporting The Demon Cycle. This translation has one of my personal favorite […]

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La Guerre du Jour On Sale Now

Posted by Meg So, we may be a month late in announcing this … but the French translation of The Daylight War, entitled La Guerre du Jour, is now on sale! And check out this eye catching cover by Bragelonne, Peat’s publisher in France. Amazing. I love the mosaic background, light and warded dice in […]

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