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German Cover Reveal!

Posted by Meg Great news! Heyne has released the German covers for both The Skull Throne AKA Der Thron der Finsternis and Messenger’s Legacy AKA Das Erbe des Kuriers! Both books are due to be released in 2015. Both covers match the the art and aesthetic of previous Demon Cycle books released by Heyne. You can check out all […]

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ST Cover Contest: Blazing Ward

Posted by Meg We’ve had some beautiful Skull Throne covers so far in the contest. And this one, by Dagmar from Germany, is no exception. Here’s what he had to say about his cover: I prefer simple and symbolic and not too detailed covers for books, so that’s what I designed. It shows a combat […]

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Warded Tattoo Rings

Posted by Meg Batsi from Germany wows us with these beautifully crafted interlocking warded tattoos in his entry to the Warding Contest. Here’s what Batsi has to say about getting his tattoo and his future warding plans: I talked about your book with a good friend of mine, who is really creative and described to […]

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Fan Art: Tree Renna

Posted by Meg Judith from Germany posted this beautiful sketch of Renna hanging from a tree over the summer. I love this picture of Renna! I feel like it captures her looks and personality perfectly. Fierce eyes, long braid and her knife dripping with demon ichor, Renna looks ready to jump on some coreling prey […]

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Fan Art: Leesha Anime

Posted by Meg While it was too late to be in the running for one of the prizes, this awesome Leesha fan art is certainly impressive. Beautiful re-imagining of the character complete with her herb gather’s basket! Thank you to Francesca Q from Germany for sending this in!

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