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Nemira Interview!

Posted by Karen Hey everyone!  Nemira Publishing is awesome. In addition to putting out the Romanian translations of Peat’s books, they also give them some seriously badass covers: Nemira released the Romanian translation of The Desert Spear in September of 2015, less than a year after they translated The Warded Man and we couldn’t be […]

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Progress Update: The Core

Happy New Year! Have I missed my window to say that? Probably, but it’s my first personal blog post of the year. I would make a new year’s resolution to write more of them, but in order to make a resolution you need resolve, and my resolve is to spend as much of my writing […]

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My Escape From Reality: Interview

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! Peat recently did an interview with Alex from minha-fuga-da-realidade (translated as my-escape-from-reality). It was an awesome experience that marks Darkside’s release of The Desert Spear in Portuguese. There were a lot of great questions including how Peat started writing Fantasy and the awesome background of how the wards came to […]

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Interview with Fun’s Hunter

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! Yesterday, we put up Paulo Cezar’s wonderful review. Today, we’re happy to show off the interview it inspired on Fun’s Hunter‘s Month of Terror. This was an excellent interview by Tamiris. As a new fan, she had a lot of great questions, from how Peat got started, to his plans […]

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WPR: WatchPlayRead Interview

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! Recently, Peat teamed up with the reviewing team at WatchPlayRead to do an interview. We had tons of great questions and, after a short round of revisions, it’s finally up! You can check the interview here and get Peat’s most recent answers about The Demon Cycle as well as his […]

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