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Interview with Fun’s Hunter

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! Yesterday, we put up Paulo Cezar’s wonderful review. Today, we’re happy to show off the interview it inspired on Fun’s Hunter‘s Month of Terror. This was an excellent interview by Tamiris. As a new fan, she had a lot of great questions, from how Peat got started, to his plans […]

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WPR: WatchPlayRead Interview

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! Recently, Peat teamed up with the reviewing team at WatchPlayRead to do an interview. We had tons of great questions and, after a short round of revisions, it’s finally up! You can check the interview here and get Peat’s most recent answers about The Demon Cycle as well as his […]

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Peter V. Brett visits the tea lair!

Posted by Karen We have a special treat today! In the last week, Peat took some time off to have tea with the delightful Emma Newman. During their meeting, they talked about interior decorating, chickens, and of course… mortal peril. Tea and Jeopardy blends interview and audio drama into a delicious cup of awesome. Check […]

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Friday Fix Podcast: Outlining with Naomi Novik & Scott Sigler

Posted by Karen Greetings everyone! As The Great Bazaar Drabble Contest gets close to wrapping up, we decided to take today’s post to talk about writing. A little while ago, Peat had an appearance at Phoenix ComicCon. Despite being super busy, he managed to steal some moments to talk about an important question that every […]

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/r/Books AMA Recap!

Posted by Meg Missed Peat’s /r/Books AMA last Thursday? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You can still access the AMA and read through the comments and questions, each and every one answered by Peat! Here are some of our favorites: See the whole AMA here. The Warded Man hardcover is now available online only! Check […]

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