Posted by Karen Hey everyone! Two years ago, Peat did a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything). Now, with the release of The Core on the way, he’s throwing himself in for another one: Peat’s AMA is live NOW! Check it out. Today, Peat is going to be doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit […]

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Demon Cycle Binge-Read Guide

Hi! Now that The Core, the last book in the Demon Cycle, is in production, I’m hearing from new readers who have been waiting patiently for years so they could binge-read the whole series, as well as long-time fans planning a refresher read before the big finale. Some are noticing for the first time that […]

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The Warded Man: Serbian Interview

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! It’s been awhile since we put up any interviews. Between finishing The Core and Peat’s newborn, things have been pretty crazy over at the Warded residence. That being said, Peat did manage to find time to do an interview for his Serbian publisher Laguna. You can read the full Interview […]

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Core Covers

Note: This post is pretty image heavy. You can click the smaller ones to see them full size. You guys, I am so excited to finally share the cover art we’ve spent the last six months working on for The Core. My friends over at Fantasy Faction had the honor of showing off the first […]

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Peter V. Brett Quotes

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! People have been quoting Peat for a long time now. Some of you might remember last year when we stumbled upon some motivational posters that some fans created. Today, I wanted to show off something a little different. It turns out Peat has been put up on wordsquotes with a […]

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