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Tweephole #27

Posted by Meg Check in with Peat as he does his third /r/fantasy subreddit AMA. @PVBrett – My feet were cold. @credonaut @PVBrett - Plays out just like every other D&D game. RT @MykeCole: This. This is why I don’t hang around with smart people. @PVBrett - My UK editor puts pooh on my US book. RT @awfulagent: A […]

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Halloween 2013, Part 2

Posted by Peat Lots of things went wrong this Halloween, to the point it started to feel like the Nie was out to cast a pall on the holiday for a second year in a row. As you saw in my first post, Cassie had a mild flu and almost missed her school Halloween party. […]

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Halloween 2013, Part 1

Posted by Peat Hey all, A quick, picture-heavy post of pictures from last Saturday. More to come if the rain holds off a bit tonight! My niece and nephews, Lil’ Fireman, Lil’ Snow, and Lil’ Tony: My other nephew, Lil’ Frank: I made a PvZ Basic Zombie costume, which came out pretty awesome if I […]

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Launch Day: UK Paperback Daylight War

Posted by Peat Huzzah! The Daylight War comes out in paperback in the UK today! When the book first was released in hardcover back in February, I was already on tour before my author copies arrived. Usually I like to quality check a book (and hug it and tell it is precious to me) before readers […]

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Is Elona Really That Shameless?

Posted by Peat So in an attempt to get my life in order after a busy year of touring, two moves, getting Cassie into kindergarten and establishing new routines, and, of course, constant work on Skull Throne, I have been trying to catch up on my backlog of unanswered reader mail. This week, my personal […]

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