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Pre-Order Your Signed Skull Throne!

Posted by Meg The Skull Throne is headed to bookstores (or your doorstep!) at the end of March, 2015. But did you know you could order your very own personalized copy from Sub Press? Check it out. Subterranean Press has a limited number of SIGNED Skull Thrones available. Here are the details: We’ve made arrangements […]

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Re-Release of U.K. Audiobooks!

Posted by Meg Good news! The new Demon Cycle audiobooks are available for pre-order now! The new audiobook recordings feature the amazing Colin Mace narrating. You can now download The Painted Man, The Desert Spear, The Daylight War with the new recording as well as The Great Bazaar and Brayan’s Gold. Messenger’s Legacy is currently available for […]

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Tweephole #42

Posted by Meg With the Skull Throne draft done, Peat is onto working on new avatars and participating in a fancy photoshoot. @PVBrett - Princess Bride: Still fabulous, but watching w/Cassie I was very aware that the 1 woman who wasn’t an old hag was basically a plot coupon. @PVBrett - Going through old pix, found this […]

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Fan Art: Arlen’s Wards

Posted by Meg Check out this creepy yet awesome fan art by DeviantArt user ArchetypeAngel. Creepy yet cool. Thanks for sharing! The Skull Throne will be released in March in the U.S./U.K. with translations to follow. Pre-order the U.S. edition from Random House today.

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Messenger’s Legacy Illustrations

Posted by Meg Peat’s latest novella, Messenger’s Legacy, follows the adventures of Briar Damaj, a boy living in Bogton. This novella is set in the world of the Demon Cycle and will be released this month! Pre-order your copy here. Amazing artist Lauren K. Cannon not only put together this beautiful cover, but also illustrated […]

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