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Grimdark Fantasy

Posted by Meg Phillip posted a recommended reading list for grimdark fans on his blog Grimdark Reader. It’s a great list with a lot of contemporary fantasy books on there and new releases. At the top of his list are books like The Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence and The Blade Itself by Joe […]

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The Painted Pony

Posted by Meg There is something that no fan has dared to do — make Arlen into a My Little Pony! Until, that is, Caine47 on DeviantArt put pencil to paper. Check out the one and only Painted Pony! This drawing is awesome on so many levels. First off, this a fantastic idea, and I […]

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Demon Cycle Fan Mix

Posted by Meg Tumblr user Z created her very own fan mix of demon cycle artwork featuring some of her favorite characters. Check it out. Love it! It’s awesome to see someone using art from various different artworks, all from separate projects. We have Arlen at the top from The Great Bazaar, Inevera by Lauren […]

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Tweephole #27

Posted by Meg Check in with Peat as he does his third /r/fantasy subreddit AMA. @PVBrett – My feet were cold. @credonaut @PVBrett - Plays out just like every other D&D game. RT @MykeCole: This. This is why I don’t hang around with smart people. @PVBrett - My UK editor puts pooh on my US book. RT @awfulagent: A […]

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/r/Fantasy subreddit AMA Highlights

Posted by Meg So, last week Peat did an AMA on the /r/Fantasy subreddit. From the usual hilarious comments made by fellow fantasy authors to fans raising all sorts of important questions. chose some highlights from the AMA. You can check them out here. Here’s some of our favorite questions and comments from the day: […]

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