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Fan Art: Detailed Demon Art

Posted by Meg This is one of the most unique and detailed pieces of fan art I’ve seen. Check out what Thom’s interpretation of Leesha, Rojer, Renna and Arlen fighting off masses of demons after nightfall. Truly epic. I love how each character is so carefully realized in this picture. And those demons are awesome. […]

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Fan Mix for Arlen Bales

Posted by Meg Zadiglimane on the music website 8tracks has put together an awesome playlist of songs inspired by the Demon Cycle, specifically for Arlen Bales. Check out the mix here! Image by Simon Goinard Have you ever made a mix for a favorite novel or character? Feel free to share in the comments! The […]

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Renna Tree Fan Art

Posted by Meg Check out this awesome Renna fan art by Katharina on Deviant Art: Those glowing eyes are fantastic, and I love Renna perched in the tree, ready to fight, waiting for the right move. The Skull Throne will be released in the U.S./U.K. on March 24, 2015. Pre-order your copy from Random House […]

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Grimoire and Portable Wards

Posted by Meg This beautiful grimoire and portable wards, made by Christopher from Germany, was an awesome entry for the Warding Contest that we never posted! Christopher referred to it as a “Keep┬ásave at night Survival Kit”. Check out what else he has to say about his pieces: The first one is a completely handmade […]

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Signed Skull Thrones from Sub Press!

Posted by Meg So, by now, you’ve probably heard that The Skull Throne not only has a fantastic cover by Larry Rostant, but also a U.S./U.K. release date of March 24, 2015. Now, we can add more excitement to this list. Subterranean Press will have a limited number of SIGNED Skull Thrones available. Here are […]

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