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Arlen with Circular Wards

Posted by Meg Check out this incredible Arlen fan art by Deviant Art user laineyluke. I love the inventive circular ward designs that map Arlen’s skin. Beautifully done! And don’t forget to enter the Create Your Own Skull Throne Cover Contest to win the ultimate Demon Cycle book collection. Contest ends August 18, 2014.

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Messenger’s Legacy Novella

Posted by Meg Peat’s third novella, Messenger’s Legacy, will be released this November by Subterranean Press! Set in the same world as the rest of the Demon Cycle books, Messenger’s Legacy will be the next addition to the series before the release of The Skull Throne. The completed book clocks in at 136 pages. The short […]

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Create Your Own Skull Throne Cover Contest!

Posted by Meg Before The Daylight War was released, we ran a Create Your Own Cover contest. Fans created some seriously stunning covers. Well, with the new Skull Throne cover, art by Larry Rostant, about to be released, it’s time to predict the future and design your own Skull Throne cover! Contest Guidelines Design your […]

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Cassie Countdown: Final Week

Posted by Meg Cassie has been hard at work knocking off her challenges one by one, each day getting a little closer to piecing together her Hawkgirl costume. Last time we checked in with her, she had unlocked the wings, mask and Hawkgirl mace! So, in the week leading up to her superhero birthday party, […]

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/r/Books Reddit AMA Today!

Posted by Meg Peat is doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything on the books sub-reddit. He will be live starting at 4pm EST and ending when the questions run out or he passes out from exhaustion. Can’t be online at 4? You can go ahead and ask your question now! The AMA is now live! […]

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