Nerds in Training

Sorry for the lack of blog updates lately. After a great weekend in Detroit for ConFusion, I was hammered from all sides this past week with promotional work for upcoming book launches (Desert Spear paperback, novellas, etc.), and some other awesome things I’m not yet at liberty to discuss. Plus lots of work on The […]

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Come up With a Contest Mini-Contest!

I need to get an assistant one of these days. I should be working on the finishing touches of my Red Sonja script, or my speech for ConFusion next week, or heck, even The Daylight War. But I just got this awesome box of Brayan’s Gold samples from Subterranean Press and they are so damn […]

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Welcome to the Family

We have a new addition to the Demon Cycle family! May I present Brayan’s Gold, 6 x 8 inches and 94 pages long. Don’t be fooled by his deceptively small size. This youngster is poised to wow people, packed with 9 full-page B&W interior illustrations and an amazing color cover by the lovely and brilliant […]

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Nanaki’s Spear

I keep forgetting to post this. It is one of a million things I feel horrid that I haven’t gotten to, especially since it came a while ago. A lot of you may remember Nanaki from the UK, who was one of the Grand Prize winners in the Warding Contest. And rightfully so. Her rendition […]

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Autotranslate Awesomeness and Fan Art

Mom, don’t read this. Ah, the interwebs. Today I witnessed a lovely clash between twitter and google translate. My french publisher (@BragelonneFR) twittered this: @PVBrett fout le bazar : | Encore un petit bijou en perspective ! Now I know a little French. VERY little. I get the gist of what this says, but […]

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