Nerds in Training

Sorry for the lack of blog updates lately. After a great weekend in Detroit for ConFusion, I was hammered from all sides this past week with promotional work for upcoming book launches (Desert Spear paperback, novellas, etc.), and some other awesome things I’m not yet at liberty to discuss. Plus lots of work on The […]

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Forum Testers Wanted

Hi, this is Peat’s friend and webmaster David here. Over the past few weeks, Peat and I have been working on a prototype version of a forum for this site. We’ve decided that it’s finally ready for beta testers. What we’re releasing today is an imperfect work, with the idea being for it to be […]

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In the News

What? Two Peephole posts back to back? Can it be true? Yes, believe it or not, there is so much to talk about that one post didn’t cut it. Last week, on the day The Desert Spear released in the US, I did an interview for The New York Daily News, which was in the […]

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Red Moon

Google alerts sent me a delightful link today, from the Twilight Portugal site. The new Portuguese-language urban fantasy (read: vamp/werewolf soap opera) TV show Lua Vermelha (Red Moon) premiered last night, and featured the Portuguese translation of The Painted Man, O Homem Pintado! It seems mine is the book of choice for sexy Portuguese vampiresses. […]

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Toronto Update

Check out Matt’s Blog about our Toronto trip. It is WAY better than mine was.

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