Toronto Afterlife

Just got back last night from my visit to Toronto and the set of Resident Evil: Afterlife (in 3D). It was a fantastic trip, both from a business standpoint and for the gleeful SF fanboy inside me. My buddy Matt and I flew in Thursday and thanks to the negotiating power of Hollywood, got to […]

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Taking Off

Please excuse any awkward formatting on this post. I’m doing it from my phone. At the airport now, heading off with Maxim-stylish wingman Matt Bergin to Toronto to the set of Resident Evil 4 (in 3D), which is being directed by the eminent Paul WS Anderson and produced by the awesomely last-named Jeremy Bolt, the […]

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Always Trendy

I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated, but in my quest to always be trendy and hip to the latest fads, I caught a nice case of H1N1 about 2 weeks ago, and spent about 7 days being totally useless, and another 5 feeling generally cruddy. This was followed by some massive computer […]

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Word of the Day

Hey all, sorry I’ve been so quiet on the blog lately. In addition to 9 hours a day of jury duty all last week and this, I’ve been proofing 881 pages of Desert Spear copyedits, working on a new Arlen Messenger novellette, trying to close on my new office studio (which I will immediately need […]

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Casting Contest Winners

Apologies for taking a while on this one, but judging turned out to be harder than I anticipated. There were a lot of names I didn’t recognize on the casts, and I had to do some research so I could consider them all in fairness. Thankfully, in the age of IMDB, google images, and YouTube, […]

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