Y Axis of Villains

Posted by Peat For my birthday a few months ago, my buddy Matt gave me Justice League: Axis of Villains, a superhero board game by DC Comics and game maker Wonderforge. “It say ages 8 and up,” he tells me, “but I read the rules. Cassie’s smart. She can handle it if you play together.” […]

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On Superheroes and Creativity

Posted by Peat Picked up Cassie from kindergarten yesterday. We live a little over a mile from her school, and on nice days we walk home. If she does the whole walk with her backpack on, she earns a froyo. It’s a nice daddy daughter time where we talk about her day. She told me […]

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Author Bias

Posted by Peat   How about another reader letter? Francesco writes: Hello, My name is Francesco and I have to say I am a fan of your books. Saying so I have decided to choose your books for a project I have in my tenth grade Honors Lanuaged Arts. Through out the year I will […]

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Is Elona Really That Shameless?

Posted by Peat So in an attempt to get my life in order after a busy year of touring, two moves, getting Cassie into kindergarten and establishing new routines, and, of course, constant work on Skull Throne, I have been trying to catch up on my backlog of unanswered reader mail. This week, my personal […]

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Skull Throne Update: You Do the Math

Posted by Peat Ever since I posted a sample chapter from The Skull Throne last week, I’ve been getting a lot of people asking when it will be out. It’s wonderful and gratifying to see so many people interested in the series and excited about the new book. Honestly, it keeps me going strong when […]

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