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Tweephole #27

Posted by Meg Check in with Peat as he does his third /r/fantasy subreddit AMA. @PVBrett – My feet were cold. @credonaut @PVBrett - Plays out just like every other D&D game. RT @MykeCole: This. This is why I don’t hang around with smart people. @PVBrett - My UK editor puts pooh on my US book. RT @awfulagent: A […]

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Worldbuilders 2013: Shaving Myke’s Head

Posted by Peat As you may already know, Patrick Rothfuss‘s charity Worldbuilders tends to do some pretty awesome things to raise money for Heifer International. Like many authors, I try to do something special every year to help out. Sometimes I have helped match donations, or auctioned off a seat at the annual Author D&D […]

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NYCC 2013 – Thursday

New York Comic Con officially started on Thursday. I didn’t have any panels or signings, but made time to swing by to pick up my badge at the Random House booth, where I discovered this gorgeous poster. I took an hour to wander the showroom floor alone, talking to vendors at their booths and gaping […]

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Dragons in Space Redux Panel – NYC

Posted by Meg Last night at the Housing Works Bookstore in SoHo, Peat appeared in a cozy panel with fellow fantasy authors Ellen Kushner and Myke Cole. Cici from Singularity & Co, asked the authors about their roots in fantasy, the world of contemporary fantasy today and how it has changed and Myke’s secret desire […]

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Speculate! Podcast with Peat & Myke

Posted by Meg Peat isn’t the only fantasy author with a 2013 book. Myke Cole‘s second book Shadow Ops: The Fortress Frontier is now available for purchase. Speculate! Podcast sat down with these two authors, and best friends, to take about everything from writing process to Dungeons and Dragons. Check out both parts of the […]

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