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Drinks with Authors in Seattle, March 28

Posted by Meg Emerald City Comic Con memberships are sold out, but you can still hang out with your favorite fantasy authors without a badge! Peat and Naomi signing books at the NYCC Author Hangout 2014 Since they are so rarely all in one place, Peat and some other authors have arranged an off-site meet […]

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Gemini Cell by Myke Cole

Posted by Peat So it’s pretty well known in the SF community that Author Myke Cole and I have been friends for a long time. We met in high school back in 1990, which is… shit. 25 years ago now. Wow. I feel old. Myke and I have a long and sordid history including Dungeons & […]

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Post-NYCC Fan Gathering!

Posted by Meg Can’t make all the exciting panels and events at NYCC? Didn’t get a ticket in time? Want to hang out for an hour or two with some awesome fantasy authors? Well, you are in luck! Peat, along with Naomi Novik, Myke Cole, Robin Hobb & Sam Sykes will be hosting an informal hang out session in NYC!! The […]

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Tweephole #36

Posted by Meg Catch up with Peat as he sails away to the Grim Gathering and Loncon and finalizes the release date for The Skull Throne. Pre-order the U.S. edition today! @PVBrett - Called Guardians of the Galaxy “the Star Wars of its day” last night & everyone had a conniption. Jedi is finally like ever […]

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Worldbuilders Thank You

Posted by Meg At lot of you know about Worldbuilders and the incredible work they do raising money for Heifer International. And a lot of you have been involved in making this year’s fundraising goals happen by supporting projects like Author D&D … and shaving Myke Cole’s head with a straight razor. This year’s team, […]

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