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Polish Skull Throne Cover Reveal!

Posted by Meg Poland has revealed the cover for Tron Z Czaszek, aka The Skull Throne. Check it out. Tron Z Czaszek will be released later this year by publisher Fabryka Slow. Check out all of Peat’s 2015 tour dates in the Appearances section. You can also RSVP on Facebook to all events! The Skull […]

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Skull Throne ARC Contest: Triple Cosplay

Posted by Meg Superfan Carol (who has stunned us with her warded tatts and other fan art before) jumps into the ring with not one, but three cosplays! Which one is your favorite? I’ve chosen to make a Cosplay of Ashia, I think it’s great that you have so many female characters that are as […]

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Warded Engravings

Posted by Meg Tadeusz on Facebook sent Peat these beautiful warded engravings he created himself: Incredible! These feel like artifacts buried beneath the rocks of Thesa! Thanks for posting! Want to view more incredible fan art? You check out our board of amazing warded art here.

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More Inevera Cosplay from Poland!

Posted by Meg Looking like the cover art from The Daylight War, this Inevera cosplay is just blowing us away. We posted about it a couple weeks ago when someone spotted this fan at  Dni Fantastyki in Wroclaw, Poland. Here are some additional shots of Olka as Inevera and wielding some serious magic.  

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Polish Daylight War Giveaway!

Posted by Meg Polish Daylight Wars have arrived! They are bright and beautiful and finally in New York! Peat will be keeping on set for his bookshelf, but the other is up for grabs! Answer this question in comments to be eligible to win: Which character do you root for the most in the Demon […]

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