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The Core, First Draft Complete

Last Wednesday morning at 1:31am, I sent my publishers the complete first draft of The Core, the fifth and final book in the Demon Cycle series. It’s been a long time coming. For readers, the Demon Cycle began in 2008 (or 2009 in the US). That’s nine years. Quite a commitment, and for those of […]

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The Skull Throne: Portugal Release!

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! Ahh, I love sharing book-release news. Last week O Trono Dos Cranios (the Portuguese translation of The Skull Throne) was put out by Edições Asa. Some awesome fans have sent pictures of this newest edition at their local bookstores and we couldn’t be more thrilled to see them. Just look at […]

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A Lança do Deserto: Cia do Leitor Review!

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! Reviews are awesome. We’ve had some great ones for The Demon Cycle and I absolutely love reading them. That being said, I’ve noticed a trend that people don’t like to write only positive things. For every praising point, it seems like there has to be a critique. This isn’t a […]

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Portugal Release: O Grande Bazar

Posted by Meg While we wait for the Portuguese translation of The Skull Throne, we are happy to reveal the cover for O Grande Bazar, the translation of the novella The Great Bazaar. Check out this incredible cover art: For updates on all the foreign translations, check out the News Page. The Warded Man hardcover is now […]

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Meninas Geeks: The Warded Addiction

Posted by Meg Portuguese fan Alexandra, on her blog Meninas Geeks, writes a post on The Warded Man and how books can immerse you completely in other worlds. Check out the full blog post here. Or, read the English version below, translated by Alexandra:   The Warded Addiction I have shared before, in this blog, what I […]

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