Character Recreation: RPG Style!

Posted by Karen In our Wednesday post, we asked people to comment about their thoughts/experience with RPGs. We were thrilled when a fan responded, going above and beyond what we asked. OldNile is a fan of The Demon Cycle as well as a super awesome gamer! Check out what happened when he decided to incorporate […]

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On Pain and Finding Your Center

Posted by Peat A couple weeks ago, a reader left a message on the Facebook Author page. I take the time to read every piece of reader mail I receive, although I don’t always have the time to answer all of them. This one really struck me, though, and I wanted to share it. Dear […]

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The Desert Spear – The Turkish Edition!

Posted by Meg Now available in Turkey, Epsilon has now released the Turkish version of The Desert Spear. Check it out! After posting the news yesterday on Facebook, one fan had a question concerning the international release of the Demon Cycle: How have Muslim countries been responding to you books? I’ve been curious about it […]

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Is Elona Really That Shameless?

Posted by Peat So in an attempt to get my life in order after a busy year of touring, two moves, getting Cassie into kindergarten and establishing new routines, and, of course, constant work on Skull Throne, I have been trying to catch up on my backlog of unanswered reader mail. This week, my personal […]

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