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German Tour: Berlin Recap!

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! So far we’ve recapped Vienna and Luneburg on Peat’s German tour… Next stop was the beautiful city of Berlin! Before even leaving the train station, Peat made a quick stop to the Relay book store in order to sign their copy of Skull Throne: Peat arrived at the beautiful Radisson […]

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O Protegido: Video on Female Representation

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! We recently stumbled across a really interesting series of video reviews by Mariana at Chá de Prosa (roughly translated as Prose Tea). On her blog, Mariana covers dark and fantastical books: “In Prose Tea, literature mixes with opinion which mixes with cinema which mixes with many other flavors of words” […]

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Messenger’s Legacy (German Edition)

Posted by Karen Hello everyone! A little while ago, we received copies of the German edition of Messenger’s Legacy (Das Erbe des Kuriers) and we couldn’t be happier! Check out how amazing they look! I love the texture and the flowing script (I’m a sucker for little curls and whorls). In addition to truly spectacular […]

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Coreling Comments: Cookies and Combat

Posted by Karen Hey Everyone! We’ve had a lot of awesome comments coming in from Twitter, Facebook, and, of course, in response to the blog. We thought we’d take some time to share some of them! These can be funny, poignant, or anything in between. Check them out! Some fans took time out of their […]

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Event: Books Beneath The Bridge!

Posted by Karen O Protegido Ward Contest Has officially closed. Thanks so much to everyone who participated! The entries were awesome and we truly had a great time sharing them. We’ll be keeping you updated on all the contest info in the next few weeks, so stay tuned! In the meantime, how would you like […]

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