Dating Ads Winners

Posted by Meg I have been having too much fun reading the entries to the Dating Ads Contest. The entries are amusing, hilarious and spot on for the characters they are representing. I especially love the ones for demons or more minor characters. Just wanted to give a big thank you to everyone who submitted […]

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Dating Ads Contest

Posted by Meg Rebecca gets most of the credit for writing this post, but I thought the contest was such a stellar idea, I wanted to run it. So last year,Ā Peter asked for suggestions for a contest that he could do on the blog. While some people would be content to choose just one of […]

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Italian Interview

Posted by Rebecca and Meg A blog in Italy, by the name of Wonderful Monsters (yes, the name is actually in English), did a cool interview with Peat about Il Guardiano dei Demoni, the Italian version of The Painted Man. You’ll find some cool stuff in this interview, specifically what Peat thinks about all of […]

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On Blurbing and Thorn Princes

I get sent a lot of free books these days. I consider it one of the great ironies of life that what would have been the greatest gift in the world when I was in High School/College and had endless free time is now a cause of great depression and shame. Why? Because I want […]

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Cosplay Prizes and Succor Contest

So after what feels like forever, I finally have almost all the prizes for the Cosplay Contest Winners in order. And by “winners”, I mean everyone who entered because they are all awesome. The Grand Prize, an originalĀ painting by Lauren K. Cannon inspired by Margherita in her Inevera costume with her face painted in, is […]

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