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Warded Man/Messenger’s Legacy Reviews!

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! We’ve been browsing though some awesome review posted up on the web. Most are pretty great, so we decided to share them here! Enjoy! It’s been a long time since it’s original publication, but fantasy fans are still cracking open The Warded Man/The Painted Man for the first time: If […]

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Skull Throne: Chinese Review

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! We recently stumbled upon a Chinese review of the Skull Throne. This has got to be one of the prettiest layouts of a review I’ve seen in awhile. In addition to being a glowing review, it also has character descriptions alongside their respective avatars. All in all, very cool. If […]

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The Warded Man: Ancrathian Review!

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! Several years ago Ancrathian reviewed The Painted Man with a promise of an updated review once later installments were out. Recently, they got in touch with us to deliver! (Art by Krystian Denisiuk) Ancrathian’s review is in-depth and thoughtful and frikken hilarious. Seriously. The writing’s voice is both passionate and […]

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Warded Man Review: The Fictional Reader

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! Have I mentioned how much we love reviews? Well we do. Last week Jolien from The Fictional Reader gave a 5/5 review of The Warded Man and it honestly made our day. This review is both glowing and spoiler-free. If you’re trying to convince a friend that The Demon Cycle […]

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Brayan’s Gold: Review

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! Doug from The Fumious Consortium recently did a banging review of Brayan’s Gold. I want to give this review special attention for two reasons. Firstly because we just don’t have that many reviews of Peat’s novellas. With the saga’s core books (pun intended) taking center stage, Messenger’s Legacy and Brayan’s […]

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