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Lemuria Bookstore Review

Posted by Meg Check out this awesome review posted by Austin on the Lemuria Bookstore Blog that digs into common fantasy tropes and how The Warded Man deals with these sometimes over-used themes. Here’s a quote from the review: The Warded Man by Peter V. Brett redeems this overused, undercooked story line, in great fashion. The writing does […]

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Review Round-Up

Posted by Meg Check out this Warded Man review by Megan on her book blog Smorgasbook to hear her thoughts on unexpected debuts and how fantasy has changed over the years. I’ve been finding a bunch of fantasies I’ve read recently feel like retreads of the same old ground. This feels fresh, bringing new and interesting aspects […]

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Daylight War Review: Fantasy Faction

Posted by Meg Steph from Fantasy Faction posted her review of The Daylight War last week. She delves deep into her favorite characters and plot lines, remarking on how the characters have changed and evolved since the last book and how she feels about it. We waited with baited breath for the third installment of […]

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Reviews, Interviews & Updates You Might Have Missed

Posted by Meg Here’s a little round-up of some recent Daylight War reviews etc happening on the interwebs. Borough of Books, a book blog you should definitely check out, recently posted its review of The Daylight War. The reviewer, Iben, decided to re-read the first two books and give them mini-reviews as well. The characters, […]

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Reviews New and Old

Posted by Meg Want to see what other people thought of The Daylight War? Check out these reviews from some seriously awesome book blogs. Laura from Book Chick City gives The Daylight War 5 stars. ” … this book gave me genuine goosebumps, his character portrayals are excellent, his plotting immensely clever and battle scenes […]

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