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Tweephole #43

Posted by Meg The Skull Throne manuscript is complete and World Fantasy is over. What is Peat doing now?  @PVBrett – Sometimes I think I should make custom warded checks for my business expenses. Then I try to remember the last time I wrote a check… @PVBrett - .@scalzi I’ve already half written the epic survival story […]

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Tweephole #42

Posted by Meg With the Skull Throne draft done, Peat is onto working on new avatars and participating in a fancy photoshoot. @PVBrett - Princess Bride: Still fabulous, but watching w/Cassie I was very aware that the 1 woman who wasn’t an old hag was basically a plot coupon. @PVBrett - Going through old pix, found this […]

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Tweephole #41

Posted by Meg Check in with Peat has he travels to World Fantasy and finishes the final revisions on The Skull Throne. @PVBrett – Why the hell isn’t there an emoji for shrugging? Who makes these decisions, anyway? They’ve got a lot of explaining to do. @PVBrett - Injustice online players quail before Arlen Bales, Demon […]

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Tweephole #40

Posted by Meg Peat’s on deadline for The Skull Throne. Will he make it? Will technology get in his way?  @PVBrett – Skipped the gym today to wear flannel & focus on #SkullThrone rewrite. I feel so naughty. @PVBrett - We’re raising a generation of women whose only exposure to helpless princess trope is seeing it turned on […]

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Tweephole #39

Posted by Meg Catch up with Peat as he ventures into NYCC and beyond! @PVBrett - If I take a 6 year old to ComicCon, am I a child abuser or THE GREATEST DAD EVER? @PVBrett - I <3  #NYCC @PVBrett - Bottom billing for @LordGrimdark @PVBrett - You can find just about anything on the #nycc retail floor… Except a Wonder […]

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