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Ward Circle Tattoo!

Posted by Karen Long-time fan got this incredible tattoo! Check it out!   Sam Lagrandeur shared the progress of his sleeve/shoulder piece with us. “A closer look at the wards on my arm that surround the angel on my shoulder. If you haven’t read ‘The Demon Cycle’ book series by Peter V. Brett get into […]

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Tweephole #50

Posted by Meg Peat travels to Phoenix ComicCon, works on The Core and looks forward to the release of The Great Bazaar and Brayan’s Gold from Tachyon on July 14th. @PVBrett - The opening chapter of The Core may make some people’s heads explode. @PVBrett - So @laurenalexg borrowed my suitcase for #phxcc. I forgot & jumped when […]

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Tweephole #49

Posted by Meg @PVBrett - Post-travel migraine. Might as well mark it on the calendar. @PVBrett - OK, #SkullThrone tour is over & I’m out of excuses. Today begins regular work on The Core. I greet this with both terror & excitement. @PVBrett - A fan just asked for a Renna/Shanvah team-up novel. Awesome idea. I can pretty much guarantee a big […]

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Tweephole #48

Posted by Meg See what Peat’s up to as he gears up for the the release of The Skull Throne! @PVBrett – Books. Authors. Drinks. Win. @PVBrett - Fascinating how some people see their imagination come to life & others are put off. ?#?notmyRojer? @PVBrett - Was gonna tell Cassie her outfit this morning didn’t match, then realized I can’t […]

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Tweephole #47

Posted by Meg Catch up with Peat as he gives away copies of Myke Cole’s new book, prepares for his upcoming U.S. tour and reads over The Skull Throne one last time. @PVBrett – Did you know the first chapter of #SkullThrone has been sitting on my website for over a year? Spoiler alert! @PVBrett - Read through a […]

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