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Happy Solstice!

Posted by Peat In the Demon Cycle books, where day and night is often the difference between life and death, Solstice—both summer and winter—is a major holiday. To mark the event last year, I posted a free story, Holiday in Tibbet’s Brook, starring Arlen, Renna, and the rest of the Tibbet’s cast. If you didn’t […]

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Thick Books

Posted by Peat Received a reader letter today I thought I’d share: Greetings, I have a question concerning The Skull Throne. Seeing as how it will be bigger than The Daylight War, I was wondering: what will the dimensions be? I only have access to the British versions and TDW was as big as the […]

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Control Point Launch Day!

Tomorrow, January 31, 2012, marks the official launch date for Shadow Ops Book 1: Control Point, by Myke Cole. You should totally buy it. It’s no secret that Myke and I have been friends a long time. Heck. I remember back in 1991, when he spelled his name M-i-k-e like a normal person. Yeah, yeah. […]

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Fan Art Contest: Warded Calendar

Posted by Meg As you can see, this entry to the Fan Art Contest has a perfect New Years theme. A 2012 warded calendar from Margherita! You will remember Margherita from winning the most recent Cosplay Contest. It’s great to see another excellent entry from her! Here is what she had to say: Hey Peat, […]

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Spanish Interview with Scyla

I did a great interview with Scyla a while ago, but haven’t had time to post it. You can find the original Spanish version here, and a google English translation here. Speaking of Spanish, I also found this great Spanish review of Red Sonja: Blue on Suite 101. It’s definitely worth checking out. You can find a poorly […]

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