Peephole In My Skull

Coreling Comments: Cycling!

Posted by Karen Springboarding off our blog post from yesterday, we also had this incredible Facebook message from Chantel Fitzsimmons as she roughed it in the Icelandic wilderness. Check it out: Peter, I finished reading The Skull Throne at the glacial lagoon campsite (see photo) during my cycle tour around Iceland, the land of ice […]

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Coreling Comments: Cookies and Combat

Posted by Karen Hey Everyone! We’ve had a lot of awesome comments coming in from Twitter, Facebook, and, of course, in response to the blog. We thought we’d take some time to share some of them! These can be funny, poignant, or anything in between. Check them out! Some fans took time out of their […]

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Warded Wednesdays!

Posted by Karen Hi everyone! Paint your wards fresh, folks, because we have a exciting announcement today! We love holding contests. It’s amazing to see people’s creativity and we fawn over every submission we get! With our latest contests (The Great Bazaar Drabble Contest and O Protegido Ward Contest) having such positive feedback, we wanted to […]

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O Protegido Ward Contest: Contest Closed!

Posted by Karen It’s the final day of O Protegido Ward Contest! We’ll be taking entries through tonight, but once the last demon is burnt away tomorrow morning, that’s it! If you live in Brazil and want to send something in, don’t wait! In the meantime, have a look at some of our newest submissions… […]

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Drabble Contest: Originality & Animals!

Posted by Karen The Great Bazaar drabble contest is still going strong! We’ve gotten some truly incredible entries. Just see for yourself! Zelei Robert touches the animal-lover in us: Really powerful piece, Zelei! As a dog-owner, I understand the worry and fear. Hopefully Twig makes it back before dark… Justin Crosby’s drabble also features an […]

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