Serbian Skull Throne

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! The Skull Throne has officially been published in Serbia. Check out its new badass cover as Presto Od Lobanja, courtesy of our friends at Laguna: Ahhh, I love it so much. In other Demon-Cycle related news, the Warding For Treasure Contest is now live! Check it out for a chance […]

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Taiwanese Daylight War Review

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! A little while ago we got a glowing review of the Taiwanese version of Daylight War. There are relatively few spoilers, so feel free to check out the whole review. One question in the review I can answer here– yes, there are more books in the series. Five, to be […]

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Demon Cycle Tweets #1

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! One of my favorite things about my job is checking people’s tweets. I love looking through to see what people say about the Demon Cycle, so today, I’m going to share a few: The next in line arrived today! 😀 @PVBrett @HarperVoyagerUK Can’t wait to get started on it now […]

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Warded Wednesday: Favorite Lines

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! One of the best things about The Demon Cycle are those little moments– The lines of dialogue or description that stick with you long after you’ve put the book down. These can be happy, sad, or just plain emotional. For example, one of my favorite lines is the very last […]

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Estionian Skull Throne!

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! We’re offically one step closer to world domination. Varrak published the Estonian translation of The Skull Throne  in March with a cover that is as ominous as it is gorgeous. Check it out! That… is a lot of skulls. Appropriate, since the title Pealuutroon translates literally into Skullsthrone. You can […]

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