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Reviews: The Warded Man 5 Star Review!

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! Last week we got a 5 star review from cupcakesandmachetes of The Warded Man: They’re definitely not shy about speaking their mind about books, so the glowing review really hits home! Here’s an excerpt. The back story and character progression is phenomenal. It is what I loved the most about […]

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Demon Cycle Tweets #1

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! One of my favorite things about my job is checking people’s tweets. I love looking through to see what people say about the Demon Cycle, so today, I’m going to share a few: The next in line arrived today! 😀 @PVBrett @HarperVoyagerUK Can’t wait to get started on it now […]

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Ciclo Das Trevas- O Protegido Review!

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! Caroline at Vai Lendo recently did a review of O Protegido. If you want a short-but-sweet sort of review that’s relatively spoiler free, go ahead and check it out! The review is in Portuguese. As always, a huge thank you to Darkside Books for their amazing job on publishing The […]

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Warded Man: Video Review By Charr!

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! A few days ago, we got a new video review from one of Peat’s fans across the pond. Charr talks about the plot of The Painted Man, character storylines, all that good stuff. Take a look: It’s been so long since I reviewed a book that I’ve forgotten how to […]

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Fanart: Sharum’ting Inspired Makeup

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! We recently found something special from one of Peat’s Polish fans on Instagram. Mila creates tons of cosmetic masterpieces. That being said, check this Sharum’ting inspired makeup and headwrap. I don’t know what I love best about this. The eyes? The pose? I think it’s the sheer intensity of it […]

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