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Romanian Warded Man

Posted by Meg Nemira Publishing in Romania has just released this awesome new Warded Man cover! The translation is now available for pre-order on the publisher’s website. The Skull Throne has a release date! March 24, 2015 in the U.S./U.K. with translations to follow. Pre-order the U.S. edition from Random House today.

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Renna Tree Fan Art

Posted by Meg Check out this awesome Renna fan art by Katharina on Deviant Art: Those glowing eyes are fantastic, and I love Renna perched in the tree, ready to fight, waiting for the right move. The Skull Throne will be released in the U.S./U.K. on March 24, 2015. Pre-order your copy from Random House […]

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ST Cover Contest: Unfinished Entry

Posted by Meg Jack from Ireland sent in this beautiful, gigantic unfinished oil painting for the Skull Throne contest. The contest is over, but we thought we would show it off anyway. Beautiful! I especially like the vibrant colors! Can’t wait to see it finished. The Skull Throne now has a release date! The fourth book […]

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Arlen with Circular Wards

Posted by Meg Check out this incredible Arlen fan art by Deviant Art user laineyluke. I love the inventive circular ward designs that map Arlen’s skin. Beautifully done! And don’t forget to enter the Create Your Own Skull Throne Cover Contest to win the ultimate Demon Cycle book collection. Contest ends August 18, 2014.

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Painted Man Quiz on Goodreads!

Posted by Meg Want to prove your Painted Man knowledge? On Goodreads right now, there is a ten question quiz all on the very first book in the Demon Cycle. Test yourself here, and let us know the results!

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