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Fan Art: Awesome Flame Demon!

Posted by Karen We’re just two days from the end of O Protegido Ward Contest(deadline July 16th) and we wanted to take a moment to appreciate one of our new Brazilian fans! Kite from Brazil created this terrifying flame demon. Take a look! The spikes and horns are creepy, yet beautiful and the demon glows […]

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Ward Circle Tattoo!

Posted by Karen Long-time fan got this incredible tattoo! Check it out!   Sam Lagrandeur shared the progress of his sleeve/shoulder piece with us.   “A closer look at the wards on my arm that surround the angel on my shoulder. If you haven’t read ‘The Demon Cycle’ book series by Peter V. Brett get […]

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New Warded Man Hardcovers — On Sale!

Posted by Peat Collectors rejoice! There is a new US Warded Man hardcover on sale now! You may recall that when the hardcover of The Warded Man first came out back in 2009, it was released with a different cover than that which now graces the paperbacks and it’s 2008 UK counterpart, The Painted Man. Del […]

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Fan Art: Warded Man Cover

Posted by Meg Lauren Newburg, fantastic artist and Demon Cycle fan, created this stunning fan cover for The Warded Man:   And here it is without the text:   Incredible! We were blown away by this. Be sure to check out more of her beautiful art here. The Warded Man hardcover is now available online […]

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Contest: Ward a Person, Place or Thing!

Posted by Meg Want to win this beautiful Demon Cycle collection? Or one of the brand new Del Rey Warded Man hardbacks, reprinted with Larry Rostant‘s striking cover? Well, here’s your opportunity! We are holding a warding contest, and the rules are simple: 1) Choose a person, place or thing 2) Ward it! 3) Send a picture […]

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