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Signed Books Currently In NYC

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! We’ve been getting inquiries about how to get ahold of signed books. For everyone who can get to NYC, you’re in luck! Yesterday, Peat signed a bunch of  books at the Barnes and Noble NYC flagship store in Union Square. Check out the SF section to get your hands on […]

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Fanart: Two Incredible Tattoos

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! I recently found two old Demon Cycle tattoos. Peat responded to them on Instagram, but we never got around to posting them. This first one is from gwesyngriffiths on Instagram: I actually REALLY like this one. I don’t know, there’s just something about the smoothness of how the wards are […]

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Pizza Topping Contest Recap!

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! Yesterday HaperVoyager came up with an impromptu contest courtesy of Peat’s indignation at corn on pizza: Personally, I don’t blame him. There were a bunch of entries including the delicious mac-and-cheese pizza (which I now crave like nothing else). In the end, Peat chose Paperchain Podcast on Twitter for sending […]

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Ad Astra Blog’s Warded Man Review!

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! Going through my usual rounds on the newest Demon Cycle stuff, I stumbled across a little blog called Ad Astra Blog. This is sweet little corner of the internet created by someone who loves to read and who wants to share their thoughts/book choices with the world. Their most recent […]

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The Core, First Draft Complete

Last Wednesday morning at 1:31am, I sent my publishers the complete first draft of The Core, the fifth and final book in the Demon Cycle series. It’s been a long time coming. For readers, the Demon Cycle began in 2008 (or 2009 in the US). That’s nine years. Quite a commitment, and for those of […]

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