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My Escape From Reality: Review

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! Peat did an interview with Alex from minha-fuga-da-realidade (translated as my-escape-from-reality) to mark the Darkside’s release of The Desert Spear in Portuguese. Alex has been a delight to work with and we were so glad to be featured on the site. Recently, we found out that Alex took the time […]

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Skull Throne Paperback Release/Demon Cycle Kindle Bundle!

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! We’re psyched to announce that, as of today, The Skull Throne is officially on sale in paperback. It’s gorgeous and portable and I want twenty. This release also affects The Demon Cycle eBooks! Some of you might remember that Holiday Kindle sale that ended on January 5th. It was awesome, […]

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O Protegido: Video on Female Representation

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! We recently stumbled across a really interesting series of video reviews by Mariana at Chá de Prosa (roughly translated as Prose Tea). On her blog, Mariana covers dark and fantastical books: “In Prose Tea, literature mixes with opinion which mixes with cinema which mixes with many other flavors of words” […]

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Progress Update: The Core

Happy New Year! Have I missed my window to say that? Probably, but it’s my first personal blog post of the year. I would make a new year’s resolution to write more of them, but in order to make a resolution you need resolve, and my resolve is to spend as much of my writing […]

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The Warded Man Storyboards!

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! Like many of Peat’s fans, there’s nothing I’d love more than a movie version of The Warded Man. While there’s no news of that at the moment, we did find something to tide everyone over. Jamie Sims is an aspiring storyboard artist with a lot of talent (read as: hard […]

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