Skull Throne Update

So as noted on the twitterface, I finished the first draft of the 4th book in the Demon Cycle, The Skull Throne late Sunday night. A week AHEAD of schedule. Unheard of, I know. I’ve been trying to collect my feelings about it since. Books are big projects. Well, my kind of books, anyway. They […]

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NYCC 2013 – Thursday

New York Comic Con officially started on Thursday. I didn’t have any panels or signings, but made time to swing by to pick up my badge at the Random House booth, where I discovered this gorgeous poster. I took an hour to wander the showroom floor alone, talking to vendors at their booths and gaping […]

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NY ComicCon Update

Posted by Peat New York Comic Con is this weekend! I dunno about you, but that’s better than Christmas so far as I’m concerned. A whole weekend of costumes, books, comics, spectacle, and good friends/loved ones. As if that wasn’t awesome enough, Lauren has been picking outfits all week, having set the bar quite high last […]

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A Much Deserved Thank You

Next week, the Portuguese translation of The Daylight War will be released from publisher Gailivro’s SF imprint, 1001 Mundos. As part of the promotion, I was asked to put together a little video for my Portuguese readers. Of course, I had no idea what to do, but then it occurred to me that I was […]

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Tweephole #17

Posted by Meg Join Peat has he navigates his way through frozen Snowdonia, and finishes up his tour in Germany. @PVBrett – The Brits are telling me @brentweeks danced gangnam style at signings on his last tour here. Apparently Chippendale’s wasn’t enough for him. @PVBrett – Went to visit @Mark__Lawrence with @FantasyFaction. Mark provided both crumpets & […]

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