Progress Update: The Core

Happy New Year! Have I missed my window to say that? Probably, but it’s my first personal blog post of the year. I would make a new year’s resolution to write more of them, but in order to make a resolution you need resolve, and my resolve is to spend as much of my writing […]

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Solstice Gift: The Core Chapter 1

Happy Solstice! As my readers know, solstices—summer and winter—are major holidays the Demon Cycle books. Sunlight holds the demon corelings at bay. Long, bright days are celebrated, and short dark ones feared. Winter Solstice is a day when Thesans and Krasians alike renew bonds of friendship. There is dancing and feasting. Gifts are exchanged and debts […]

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The Desert Spear In Brazil!

Posted by Karen Look out Brazil! Well, it’s finally happened. After a long wait, we’re excited to announce that The Desert Spear‘s latest translation (A Lança do Deserto) is now available in Brazil! Darkside Press posted some teaser pictures on their website. Personally, I think this edition looks -awesome-! Seriously, this is some straight-up book porn. […]

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Fantastic Fanmail!

Posted by Karen During our recent fanmail clean-out, we found a lot of really wonderful pieces of fanmail and thought we’d share a few. Some of these are old, others more recent, but they’re all fantastic. Check them out! Thank you for all the heart attacks and goosebumps you’ve given me over the last few […]

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Surrounded Giveaway: Last-Minute Entries And WINNER!

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! Thanks for your patience. I know this last giveaway was a doozy, but we’re finally ready to choose a winner! Well, almost. Before that, here are a few last-minute entries that made us laugh: Play the violin and pray to God I can channel the spirit of Rojer and produce […]

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