Peter V. Brett


Real Name Peter Brett
Height 5′ 10″
Weight 180
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Occupation Full Time Author, Medical Publishing Production Supervisor (retired)
Identity Known to the authorities
Legal Status Citizen of the United States of America with no criminal record
Former Aliases None
Place of Birth New Rochelle, New York
Known Relatives Cassandra (daughter)
Group Affiliations SFWA, JABBerwocky Literary Agency, Del Rey Books (Random House/USA), Voyager Books (Harper Collins/UK), Heyne Publishing (Germany), Fabryka Slow (Poland), Bragelonne Publishing (France), Timun Mas / Minotauro Books (Spain), Edições Gailivro (Portugal), Triton (Czech Republic), Mynx (The Netherlands), Varrak (Estonia), Newton Compton (Italy), Laguna Publishing (Serbia), Colibri (Bulgaria), Epsilon Publishing (Turkey), Gaea Books (Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macao), Konyvmolykepzo (Hungary), Nemira Publishing (Romania), Darkside Books (Brazil), Hayakawa Publishing (Japan), Unicorn Publishing (Greece), AST Publishing (Russia), Chongqing (China), MATAHATI Publishing (Indonesia)
Base of Operations New York, NY
First Appearance February 8, 1973
History The first non-school book without pictures Peat ever read was The Hobbit. Around the same time, his older brother left a copy of X-men #162 lying around. These two seemingly random events would shape the course of his life to come.
After some years of failed attempts to become a comic book artist, Peat began writing in earnest in high school, finishing his first novel, AN UNLIKELY CHAMPION, in 1990. (Not so very) tragically, the manuscripts for that awful, awful, book are lost.
He went on to the University at Buffalo, where he studied Dungeons & Dragons, fencing, and girls. Somehow, he also managed to earn a (totally useful!) Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a minor in Art History in 1995.
Following college, Peat spent approximately 8 months managing a comic shop and pondering what to do with his life. He then went into medical publishing, squandering ten years of his physical prime sitting in a cubicle. He contented himself with writing books he never hoped to sell.
In June of 2007, his hard work and perseverance paid off, as he sold his 4th novel, The Painted Man, along with two sequels, to Del Rey Books. Several international sales for the book followed, and in October of 2007, he left his day job to pursue writing full time.

The Painted Man was followed by two sequels: The Desert Spear in 2011 and The Daylight War in 2013. Three novellas have also been released by Subterranean Press: The Great Bazaar (2010), Brayan’s Gold (2011) and Messenger’s Legacy (2014). All novellas take place in the same universe as the main Demon Cycle novels. The fourth installment, The Skull Throne, is forthcoming on March 31, 2015 in the U.S. and April 9, 2015 in the U.K. The fifth and final book in the series will be The Core.

Peat lives in New York City with his girlfriend Lauren and his daughter Cassandra.