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Autographed Copies

A lot of people have been asking where they can get signed copies. I try to sign shelf stock in every bookstore I can (there are signed copies all over New York, New Jersey, and London), but if you don’t live in an area I’ve passed through, there are some online options in addition to eBay.

SignedPlate_webWarded Bookplates

If you’re outside of my normal signing circles, bookplates are probably the easiest way to get your hands on a signed copy. These are adhesive plates I had designed by the great Lauren K. Cannon. They are available free while supplies last, signed and/or personalized by me. For more information including how to order one, check out my Warded Bookplate blog entry.

The Signed Page

Shawn Speakman runs a site called The Signed Page, where he makes signed copies available. Copies are done to order (meaning he sends me copies to sign as needed), so there is some delay, but this is a good resource for a collector.

Goldsboro Books

If you live in the UK, try Goldsboro, who deal exclusively in signed first editions. I recently signed close to 300 copies of The Desert Spear for them. Most were already sold, but it is still available on their site.

Mysterious Galaxy

As you may have seen on my blog, I’ve signed copies of all my books for Mysterious Galaxy bookstore in San Diego. If you’re a SD local, or want to order online, this is an efficient option while supplies last.

Here’s how to get in touch with Peat directly …

Publishers of Peat’s work:

North America

Del Rey

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Fabryka Slow






Azbooka Publishing

(Formerly AST Publishing


Unicorn Publishing House


Timun Mas

Czech Republic



Edições Gailivro

Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macao

Gaea Books


MATAHATI Publishing

Holland/The Netherlands

Mynx Publishing


Varrak Publishing


Epsilon Publishing


Newton Compton Publishing


Laguna Publishing


Colibri Publishing


Könyvmolyképzo Kiadó


Nemira Publishing


Chongqing Publishing House


Darkside Books

Peat’s Allies

Joshua Bilmes

Peat’s awesome agent, Joshua Bilmes, and his JABberwocky Literary Agency can be found at

Zeno Agency

Peat is represented in the UK by John Berlyne at Zeno Literary Agency.

Larry Rostant

The amazing artist behind the covers of most editions of Peat’s bestselling books, Larry also graciously allowed us to use his cover art from the US edition of The Daylight War as the theme for this site. Visit Larry at: and

David Wenk

In addition to site design, webmaster David Wenk will also take you on a walking tour around Britain, and show you all those magical things the tour bus leaves out. Book a tour (or just go to admire his photography) at

Lauren Cannon

Lauren designed all the awesome wards on the site, and did the fantastic portraits of the Painted Man, Renna, and Inevera on the Creations page. Check out more of Lauren’s work at

Karsten Moran

Photographer Karsten Moran updated Peat’s author photos in time for the release of The Skull Throne. You can check out his wonderful photography here at

Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA)

Angela Barnett

Angela designed the original home page art and wallpaper for this site with digital manipulation of photos from her native Scotland. You can see the aforementioned work on the Creations page or check out her other work at

Ollin Sword Design

Ollin Sword Design created an amazing replica of the warded Spear of Anoch Sun for Peat’s 35th birthday. Look at some of their other exotic and classic weapon design at

Fotini Designs

Fotini Designs did amazing work creating a warded ring for Peat.