Deleted Scenes & Excerpts

Whenever you buy a book in the store or online, the version you hold is not the original draft. Every book, even those hastily put together, goes through multiple drafts before it reaches its final, printable form. The Painted Man is no different. For instance, in the first year or so that I was working on it, the book’s title was Tibbet’s Brook. After that, I changed it to The Painted Man, which my US publisher then changed to The Warded Man.

The script underwent similar transformations as scenes were added, rewritten, or cut entirely. But some of those lost scenes are, in my opinion, worth reading, and the stories that go with them are an interesting insight into the editing process. If you’re an author or plan to be one, this might be of interest to you. Or if you’re just a fan looking to get an Arlen, Leesha, or Rojer fix before the next book.

For each scene, I will give a short introduction, explain why it did not appear in the final draft, and show you the actual scene in the form it was in when it was nixed. I will be adding to the list periodically, as I write said introductions. There are a great many scenes to come.

Please proceed with caution, as many of these scenes will contain spoilers. Also, please bear in mind that like DVD deleted scenes which often do not have proper sound or color correction, some of these scenes are unedited and may not have the feel of finished work.

Painted/Warded Man Excisions:

One Arm and the Nightwolves
Original Rojer Intro
Mirror and Map
Canon Apocrypha
First Kill
Brianne Beaten
Reclaiming the Circle

Desert Spear Excisions:

Rojer’s Mummery
Desert Spear Exclusive Excerpt on Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist

Daylight War Excisions

Inquisitor Hayes

Free short story!

Holiday in Tibbet’s Brook



Desert Spear

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Daylight War

Sweetwell at NYCC:


Skull Throne

A delicious little appetizer of what’s to come…

Skull Throne Chapter 1: The Hunt

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