The Warded Man continues its march to world domination!

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Sales in North America, the British Commonwealth, Germany, France, Greece, Japan, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, Indonesia, Taiwan (which includes Hong Kong and Macao), The Netherlands, South Korea, Estonia, Turkey, Italy, Serbia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Brazil, Denmark, and mainland China. Ongoing negotiations in several other countries.

Rest of the world, watch out! You’re next!

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Publishing Update


warded_man_mmpb_cover_web_smUS CoverThe Warded Man (known as The Painted Man in the UK) released in the US and Canada on March 10, 2009 from Del Rey Books, and was a Neilsen Bookscan bestseller. The novel has been optioned by director Paul WS Anderson for a major Hollywood motion picture adaptation.

The paperback edition went on sale March 23, 2010, and is already on its third printing.

great_bazaar_cover_thumbThe Great Bazaar, and Other Stories was released in March 2010 from Subterranean Press. This sold-out, limited edition compilation included a new novelette as well as deleted scenes from The Warded Man, a glossary, and a grimoire of wards. It’s a great introduction to the larger series, and a must for any fan hungry for an appetizer to The Desert Spear. A sure collector’s item, some 3rd party vendors still have them in stock, so get one while you can!

Desert_Spear_US_web_smThe Desert Spear, book two of the Demon Cycle and the exciting sequel to The Warded Man was released in the US and Canada on April 13, 2010 from Del Rey Books, and DEBUTED AT #35 ON THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER LIST!! Already on press for its second printing, grab a first edition before they’re all gone.

The Desert Spear tells the story of Ahmann Jardir, the Krasian leader who claims to be the Deliverer, sent by Heaven to cleanse the world of demonkind. It will also tell the tale of Renna Tanner, the young girl Arlen was betrothed to, and what happened to her when he left the small village of Tibbet’s Brook. As these two come into contact with Arlen, Leesha, and Rojer, we learn they may have the the fate of all humanity in their hands.

Brayan’s Gold, my second Demon Cycle novella, is from Subterranean Press. This is a limited edition small hardcover with cover art and 9 interior illustrations by the great Lauren K. Cannon. The book was released in January 2011. Order your copy here.

The Daylight War, book 3 in the Demon Cycle, was released in the U.S. on February 12, 2013 from Del Rey books. The Demon Cycle is not a trilogy. The third book, The Daylight War, will NOT end the series. It was always intended to be a series of five books. A quintet.

The Daylight War takes on one new POV character … Inevera. We learn more about her motivations and history as well as the other characters, Greenlander and Krasian, as the two cultures rub up against each other.

You can order your copy of The Daylight War here.

In the first week of sales, The Daylight War was #19 on the New York Times Bestseller List.

The Great Bazaar and Brayan's Gold Tachyon
Tachyon Publications released The Great Bazaar and Brayan’s Gold on July 15, 2015. You can order the novellas here.

Messenger’s Legacy was released in November of 2014 from Subterranean Press. Art by Lauren K. Cannon.

Messenger's Legacy limited ed dust jacket chong
The limited edition dust jacket for Messenger’s Legacy features Ragan and Elissa. Art by Vincent Chong.
Order your copy here.

Sub Press is now offering a special e-book novella bundle! Get Brayan’s Gold and The Great Bazaar for $6.99! Available now.

The Skull Throne US Cover
The Skull Throne is now on sale! Order your copy today.

It also debuted at #14 on the New York Times Bestseller List in Hardcover Fiction!
There is a brief mention on the NYT Podcast if you skip to 37:58.


Both The Desert Spear and The Warded Man are available as a downloadable audiobook from Recorded Books, narrated by the amazing Pete Bradbury. He did a wonderful job on both of them and I worked closely with him to ensure that he pronounced everything correctly. They sound amazing. They are only available as a download unless you get them through your library.

Now available are the audiobooks for The Great Bazaar and Brayan’s Gold from Both audiobooks are narrated by the incredible Pete Bradbury, and you can sample the books before you buy them.

DW Audiobook US
The Daylight War audiobook was released on February 5, 2013, narrated by Pete Bradbury.

ST Audiobook US
The Skull Throne was released on audiobook on March 31, 2015, the same day as the hardcopy and e-book.

Graphic Audio

Beginning in January 2012, Graphic Audio began releasing The Warded Man. These recordings are less like audiobooks and more like old time radio shows complete with voice actors for all your favorite characters, sounds effects and music. The Warded Man was split into two recordings featuring beautiful cover art designed by Lauren K. Cannon. You can buy both parts here:

Part 1: The Warded Man
Part 2: The Warded Man

The Desert Spear was released in three parts during July of 2012.
Part 1: The Desert Spear
Part 2: The Desert Spear
Part 3: The Desert Spear

GA DW Cover Part 1
The Daylight War was released from Graphic Audio in two parts on February 1, 2014.
Part 1: The Daylight War
Part 2: The Daylight War

ST Part 1
The Skull Throne was released from Graphic Audio in three parts:
Part 1: The Skull Throne
Part 2: The Skull Throne
Part 3: The Skull Throne

GB GA Cover
The Great Bazaar was released on May 1, 2014.

BG GA Cover
Brayan’s Gold was also released on May 1, 2014.

ML Graphic Audio Cover
Messenger’s Legacy was released by Graphic Audio on February 11, 2015.



The Warded Man
DreamLitt purchased rights to the Danish translation of The Warded Man, Desert Spear, and Daylight War (pictures to be updated as covers are released). The Warded Man is scheduled to be published on October 13, 2016.


UK CoverThe Painted Man (known as The Warded Man in the US) hit the shelves in the UK and Australia on September 1st, 2008, published by Voyager Books!  Order now at Waterstones or Amazon UK. The novel has been optioned by director Paul WS Anderson for a major Hollywood motion picture adaptation.

The hardcover has sold through two printings has become somewhat hard to find, but The Painted Man was released in paperback on April 1, 2009, and is currently on its third printing. It was the Waterstones SF book of the month for April ’09.

desert_spear_cover_thumbThe Desert Spear, book two of the Demon Cycle and the exciting sequel to The Painted Man was released in the UK and Australia on April 1, 2010 from Voyager Books, and DEBUTED AT #9 ON THE LONDON TIMES BESTSELLER LIST!! Already on its third printing, first editions have become scarce.

The Desert Spear tells the story of Ahmann Jardir, the Krasian leader who claims to be the Deliverer, sent by Heaven to cleanse the world of demonkind. It will also tell the tale of Renna Tanner, the young girl Arlen was betrothed to, and what happened to her when he left the small village of Tibbet’s Brook. As these two come into contact with Arlen, Leesha, and Rojer, we learn they may have the the fate of all humanity in their hands.

Order your copies now from Waterstones or Amazon.

The Daylight War, book 3 in the Demon Cycle, was released in the U.K. on February 11, 2013 from Harper Voyager. The Demon Cycle is not a trilogy. The third book, The Daylight War, will NOT end the series. It was always intended to be a series of five books. A quintet.

The Daylight War takes on one new POV character … Inevera. We learn more about her motivations and history much as we learned about Jardir’s history in The Desert Spear. Of course, there are also chapters dedicated to the other characters, Greenlander and Krasian, as the two cultures clash.

The Daylight War was released on February 11, 2013! Order your copy from either Waterstones or Amazon.


The Great Bazaar and Brayan’s Gold was released on April 25, 2013 from Voyager. The book combines my two previous novellas into one at a now affordable price. The cover is designed to look like a Messenger’s journal.

You can buy the book from Amazon or Waterstones.

The novel also made #1 on Amazon’s Bestsellar’s in Fantasy Short Stories during the first week of sales.

UK Messenger's Legacy
U.K. Voyager also released my latest novella, Messenger’s Legacy, with the same battered journal cover. It was published on December 4, 2014. Order it from Waterstones or Amazon.

New UK Editions 2014
On November 27th, 2014, Voyager re-released all Demon Cycle audiobooks with a new narrator, Colin Mace. You can order The Painted Man, The Desert Spear, The Daylight War and The Great Bazaar and Brayan’s Gold in Audible.

ML UK Audiobook
On December 4th, 2015, Voyager will release my latest novella, Messenger’s Legacy on audiobook.

Demon Cycle UK Bundle ebook
You can get caught up on the entire series in this Voyager Demon Cycle ebook Bundle. It includes three main novels plus the novellas The Great Bazaar and Brayan’s Gold. Buy it from Waterstones or Amazon UK.

UK ST Cover
The Skull Throne, the fourth installment in the Demon Cycle, was released on April 9, 2015. You can order it now via Waterstones, Amazon UK or your local bookshop.

The Skull Throne debuted at #5 on the London Sunday Times List. Check it out:


ST Audiobook UK
The Skull Throne was released on Audiobook with Colin Mace narrating on April 9th along with the hardcopy!


german_cover_thumbnailDas Lied Der Dunkelheit, meaning “The Song of Darkness” (the German translation of The Warded/Painted Man) was released in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland on May 4, 2009 from Heyne Books. Heyne also put together a fantastic feature page for the book with interviews, giveaways, samples, and video. See feature here. It was also released as an audiobook in a 7 disc set from Neuauflage.

Das_Flustern_der_Nacht_web_smDas Flustern der Nacht, meaning “The Whisper of Night” (the German translation of The Desert Spear) was released in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland on April 1, 2010 from Heyne Books. It climbed as high as #16 on the prestigious German Der Spiegel bestseller list, hanging on for 5 weeks in a row! It is also available as a 7 disc audiobook. It was done by the same company as the Das Lied Der Dunkelheit audiobook.

Der_groBe_Basar_web_thumbDer große Basar, the German translation of The Great Bazaar was published in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland on April 13, 2010 from Heyne Books. This collection includes all the material from the US version of The Great Bazaar, plus some new material including art, maps, and an all-new novelette entitled Brayan’s Gold, which tells of Arlen’s first adventure as a Messenger as he undertakes a dangerous mission into the mountains of Miln with the rock demon One Arm stalking him.

The Daylight War, renamed The Flames of Twilight in German, was released in Germany on March 11, 2013.

German Messenger's Legacy
The German cover for Messenger’s Legacy AKA Das Erbe des Kuriers has also been revealed! The novella is now on sale!

German Skull Throne
The German edition of The Skull Throne,Der Thron der Finsternis, was released on September 8, 2015 and hit #4 on the German Der Spiegel bestseller list.


Poland Covermalowany2Malowany Czlowiek (known as The Painted Man in the UK) was broken into two parts in Poland, the first released on November 28th, 2008, and the second in early 2009, published by Fabryka Slow.

They also put together this fantastic video ad:

Pustynna Wlócznia (the Polish translation of The Desert Spear), was be released on June 18, 2010 from publisher Fabryka Slow.

As with Malowany czlowiek, translation into Polish added considerable length to the text, so the book was split into two parts. The second installment was released in August 2010.

Wielki Bazar. Zloto Brayana is the Polish translation of both novellas, The Great Bazaar and Brayan’s Gold, compiled into one book. It was released on August 26, 2011 with a brand new, original cover. You can buy the paperback directly from the publisher’s website.

Polish-DW-Covers 1 and 2

The Polish translation of The Daylight War was released in two parts. Part number 1 was out on April 12, 2013 and Part number 2 was out June 19, 2013. They used the UK Larry Rostant covers, coloring the second one a striking red.

Skull Throne Poland
The Polish translation of The Skull Throne,Tron z czaszek Ks. I, was published on June 26th 2015. You can check in out here.


hombremarcado_smEl Hombre Marcado, (the Spanish translation of The Painted Man) was released in Spain and Mexico on May 26, 2009 from Timun Mas / Minotauro Books. The cover on the left was the first version, and the next was the second version of the cover.

La Lanza del Desierto(the translation of The Desert Spear) was released in December of 2010.The second installment of The Desert Spear, El Palacio de los Espejos, was released in July of 2011.


l’Homme Rune, (the French translation of The Painted Man) was released in France, Belguim, and parts of Switzerland on October 2, 2009 from Bragelonne Publishing.

The sequel, La Lance du Desert, was published in French from Bragelonne in October 2010.

In 2012, a new cover was released for L’Homme Rune.

Bragelonne also released a combination of Brayan’s Gold and The Great Bazaar in one volume called L’Or de Brayan, much like the German version.

Guerre du Jour Cover French
La Guerre du Jour, the third installment, was released on January 22, 2014.



Le Trône de Crâne, the fourth installment, was released on October 21, 2015.




O Homem Pintado (the Portuguese translation of The Painted Man) was released in Portugal by Edições Gailivro in October 2009, and was featured in the Portuguese vampire drama Red Moon.

The folks at Gailivro also put together this INCREDIBLE video trailer:

Gailivro also released A Lanca do Deserto (The Desert Spear) in the summer of 2010, along with a re-release of O Homem Pintado to take advantage of the matching covers. If you get the new edition of O Homem Pintado you will actually get two covers for the price of one; The new cover is simply a dust jacket put on the older edition. 

A Guerra Diurna, the translation of The Daylight War.

O Grande Bazar Portugal
O Grande Bazaar. The translation of the novellas, The Great Bazaar and Brayan’s Gold.


O Trono dos Cranios PortugalSkullThrone

O Trono Dos Cranios. The translation of The Skull Throne came out in February 2016.





Japan Coverjapanese_pmv2_cover_loresjapanese_pmv3_cover_loresJapanese translation of The Painted Man (known as The Warded Man in the US) was broken into three manga-sized volumes, released in late 2008/early 2009, published by Hayakawa Publishing. The covers have a very different feel to the other translations. Combining the style and the fact that they are in three smaller volumes makes this a very interesting translation.

Czech Republic

Tetovaný, the Czech translation of The Painted Man, was released from Triton publishing in May 2010.

Click here for an excerpt of the Czech translation.

Only a few short months after that, the Czech translation of The Desert Spear, Pouštní Kopí, was released.


On January 13, 2014, Triton released the translation of The Daylight War. Válka za bílého dne is now on sale from the publisher!



On October 21, 2015, Triton released the translation of The Skull Throne. Trun lebek is now on sale from the publisher!






The Great Bazaar and Brayan’s Gold now on sale from Triton!




The Netherlands

De getekende, the long-awaited Dutch translation of The Painted Man, was released in The Netherlands from Mynx publishing in May 2010. It’s just pretty cool that this one exists.


Estonia also has their own translation of The Painted Man published by Varrak. The title is Maalingutega Mees.
It translates as “Man with the Paintings”, which I think is close enough.

The cover has a nice ominous feeling to it.

estonian Desert Spear
The sequel, KÕRBEODA, was published in May 2011 with this epic cover.


päise-päeva-sõda estonian DW
The third installment, PÄISE PÄEVA SÕDA, came out in January of 2014.


In February 2011, Newton Compton, published the Italian version of The Warded Man/The Painted Man. The title is Il Guardiano dei Demoni. One cool thing they did for the release was make a book trailer. The footage comes from the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, and makes for a nice effect.
As you can see, they also made a new cover.


Russia now has its own translation and cover art for The Warded Man published by AST Publishing.


Noc Demona, the Serbian translation of The Warded Man, came out February 2012 with this striking cover. Published by Laguna
You can read a sample here.

Pustinjsko koplje
Pustinjsko Koplje, the Serbian translation of The Desert Spear, was published on February 21, 2013.

Sebia DW Cover
Suncani rat, the translation of The Daylight War, was published on August 21, 2014.


The Bulgarian version of The Warded Man was released from Colibri on February 27, 2012.

The second volume was published on April 22, 2013.

Bulgarian Daylight War
The Daylight War was published on June 9, 2014. Colibri has bought and translated Skull Throne and is in the process of finalizing it for publication.


dovmeli-adam - The Warded Man - Turkey
Dövmeli Adam (or The Warded Man) was published by Epsilon Publishing in August of 2011.

Turkish Desert Spear
Çöl Mizragi (or The Desert Spear) was published in November of 2013.


Günisigi Savasi (or The Daylight War) was published in February of 2016. You can find it here.




Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macao

The Warded Man_ok ol
The Warded Man was published in June 22, 2011 by Gaea Books.

The Desert Spear was published on December 7, 2011.

The Warded Man_03
The cover for the Taiwanese edition of The Daylight War has been released!



The Skull Throne was released by Gaea Books in January 2016.








The Warded Man was released by Chongqing in mainland China. You can buy it here!






The Desert Spear was released by Chongqing in mainland China. You can buy it here!








The Daylight War was released by Chongqing in mainland China. You can buy it here!





Hungarian Warded Man
A Rovásember, the Hungarian translation of The Warded Man, was released on December 5, 2013 by Konyvmolykepzo.



A Sivatag Landzsaja, the Hungarian translation of The Warded Man, was released by Konyvmolykepzo. You can get it here.




Nemira Warded Man Cover
Nemira Publishing released the Romanian translation of The Warded Man in November of 2014! Order your copy here.



Romanian Cover Nemira released the Romanian translation of The Desert Spear in September of 2015. Order your copy here!





Brasil WM
From Darkside Books comes the translation of The Warded Man or O Protegido, which was released on March 9, 2015. You can check it out here.




From Darkside Books comes the translation of The Desert Spear or A Lança do Deserto, which was released on November 5, 2015. You can check it out here.



Darkside Books also made this awesome trailer!

Translations ongoing for international rights sold to:

Red Sonja Blue

Red Sonja Blue was released from Dynamite Comics on June 15, 2011.

Red Sonja Unchained

Red Sonja: Unchained was released from Dynamite Comics on February 13, 2013, one day after the U.S. release of The Daylight War. This is new 4-issue Red Sonja miniseries that continues where Red Sonja Blue left off. Her chainmail bikini broken and in the shop, Sonja carves herself a demon pelt to wear in the interim. Covers by Walter Geovani and Mel Rubi. Interior art by Jack Jadson.

Red Sonja Issue 2 Cover A

The second issue of Red Sonja: Unchained was released by Dynamite Comics on May 1st.



Red Sonja: Unchained #3 came out on June 26th.

Red Sonja 4

And the final installment, Red Sonja: Unchained #4, was released on August 21, 2013. This issue concludes the 4-issue series.

Red Sonja Unchained TPB
The Red Sonja Trade Paperback was published in March of 2014 from Dynamite. The art is done by Mel Rubi, and it includes a special cover gallery featuring the original covers by Walter Geovani.


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While at NYCC I was on a panel with a few other fantasy authors, including Naomi Novik, Brandon Sanderson and Jim Butcher, where we talk about epic fantasy and copying other writers.

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Internationally bestselling author Patrick Rothfuss interviews me in January 2010 as part of his charity auction for Heifer International. Thrill to such exciting questions as “If you were a cake, what kind of cake would you be?” and “How often do you check your sales rank? See the full interview here.

Suvudu Red Sonja Interview

Shawn Speakman at Del Rey megablog Suvudu is the first to get the scoop on my upcoming run penning Dynamite comic Red Sonja. See the April 2010 interview here.

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Of course, there was an opening ceremony as well.

I even had my own personal panel, which you can watch in five parts.

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I did this video interview for the folks at Voyager in conjunction with Amazon. Take a drink every time I say “uh” or “um” and you’ll be hammered by the time it’s over!

Here is a video interview I did for Heyne in Germany for their magisce bestseller page:

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Fictional Frontiers Radio Interview

Click here to listen to my interview on Fictional Frontiers with Sohaib. This interview was conducted at NY ComicCon on my 36th birthday, February 8, 2009. Sohaib and I were both moving a little slow that morning on the third day of the con, especially after the Saturday night parties, but despite that, I think this was a really great interview. If the embedded player doesn’t work, you can also download the interview as a .wma file.

Because it was fun the first time I around, I did another 2 interviews with Sohaib. Here is a new interview with Sohaib at NYCC 2010. My section starts at the 45 minute mark. You can listen to it here. Then there is a special podcast with me as a special guest right here.

Australian radio

Hear my interview with Australian radio presenter Grant Boyden, recorded September 15, 2008. Get the mp3 here.

Warded Man Advance Reader’s Edition Interview

This interview was done for the ARC of The Warded Man, but was reposted by Booklounge. It was one of the first interviews I ever did.

Davebrendon’s Fantasy & Sci-Fi Weblog

Dave was one of my first fans, even though he lives on the other side of the planet. A South African bookseller, Dave received an advance copy of The Painted Man and immediately contacted me and asked if I would do this interview for his newly launched SF weblog.

A Boy Goes on a Journey

Another of my earliest interviews, this one was conducted by another advance reader, Nyssa in Australia. You can read the interview here.

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Aidan Moher and I had an ongoing dialogue from December 2008 through February 2009. You can find the full interview on his blog A Dribble of Ink.

The Old Bat’s Belfry

Shari Mullane at The Old Bat’s Belfry does a different kind of interview. She’s less interested in my path to publication or where I get my idea from, and more interested in what kind of magic power I would want to have and what I had for breakfast. See my March 2009 interview with her here.

World’s Biggest Bookstore

SF bookseller Jessica Strider arranged an interview to be put on their endcap displays of the book. You can see the March 2009 interview here on her blog, as well.

Bookspot Central

Jay Tomio at Bookspot Central has just posted what I consider my best and most in-depth interview to date, done in December 08/January 09.

Journal News

Heather Salerno at the Journal News interviewed me in February 2009 for this article in their paper, which was the front page lead story in their lifestyles section on Tuesday March 10, the day The Warded Man went on sale.


I did this interview for Bragelonne, my French publisher, when I visited Paris for a day in September 2008 while I was in Europe promoting my UK book launch.

Forces of Geek

My buddy Matt Bergin conducted a Feb. 2009 playdate interview with me for his column Pop on Pop, which discusses the trials and tribulations of a new geek dad trying to raise a baby girl to one day understand him. Boy, can I relate!

The Page 69 Test

This March 2009 interview for The Page 69 Test asks the question of whether page 69 of The Warded Man is representative of the book as a whole, and whether a browser reading the page would be tempted to continue. The page is quoted at the beginning, followed by my essay.

AM New York

This interview I did in March 2009 appeared in an article in the April 8 issue of AM New York, a New York City local paper.


My friend Netta, a freelance editor, runs a site called WordWebbing, where she discusses writing, editing, and publishing in general. I did an interview for WordWebbing in April 2009.

NY Daily News

On April 22, 2009, I was on page friggin’ THREE of The NY Daily News! The story was also picked up by NY1, the cable news channel for the NY metro area, in their “in the papers” feature!

On April 15, 2010, a follow up article was done for the release of The Desert Spear, catching up on my career over the year since the first piece ran.

Laptop Magazine

As a follow-up to my Daily News article, I was contacted to do an interview for Laptop Magazine on the tech aspects of my writing, and the publishing industry in general. The article was published online on April 29, 2009.

Grinding to Valhalla

This interview for the gaming website Grinding to Valhalla was done in May 2009. Some interesting thoughts on how RPG experience influences the writing process, amongst other things.

Boy Genius Report

This interview for Boy Genius Report from May 2009 is a lot more tech heavy than the usual fare, describing in detail my experiences writing with mobile devices.

Night Angel Book of the Month Forum

The Warded Man is the May 2009 book of the month on the web forum of Brent Weeks (author of the NY Times Bestselling Night Angel Trilogy). Brent is a really nice guy who got in touch with me shortly before TWM came out here in the US, expressing his excitement to read it. He liked it so much he proposed it to the Book of the Month Club on his web forum, and invited me to answer questions for readers. There have been a lot of really good questions, and I’m determined to answer them all. I’ve already answered like three interviews’ worth, with more to come.


Here are a few short mentions on Suvudu. This article talks about staying healthy as a writer, this one talks about sticky plot points and this one is about the all-important writer’s workspace.


SFF Chat asked a few authors if they would introduce themselves to someone reading one of their books. You can read my response here.

I also did 2 longer interviews with them here and here.


I was also interviewed for this Salon article about D&D.


I was asked to participate in the May 2009 Synergy discussion on Bookspot Central. Synergy invites some of the biggest authors in SF (along with chumps like me) to answer a monthly question. This month’s question is about influences, and I talk about a book I loved very much when I was younger (and still love now), Master of the Five Magics by Lyndon Hardy.

Also in the May installment are Alan Campbell, Charles Stross, Chris Ryall, Colleen Doran, David Anthony Durham, Ian R. MacLeod, Jackie Kessler, Jason Wood, Ken Scholes, Mark Charon Newton, Robert V.S Redick, Sonita Henry, and site moderator Jay Tomio.

Suvudu Web Chat

Here is the transcript of a live chat I did on June 4, 2009 with fellow Del Rey author Robert VS Redick on the Del Rey mega-blog Suvudu.

Short interview article by John Joseph Adams on The Warded Man posted on in June 2009.

Scyla y Fantasymundo

Two interviews done for my Spanish publisher, Minotauro, who recently released the Spanish translation of The Warded Man: El Hombre Marcado. The interviews were conducted in English and then translated into Spanish, but Alejandro Serrano, the interviewer, was kind enough to post both versions, so if you don’t read Spanish, don’t fret! You can scroll down to the English version.

The first interview can be found on Scyla, the website of Minotauro’s parent publisher, Timun Mas. The second interview can be found on Fantasymundo, one of the premiere Spanish fantasy sites.

Paginas Desfolhadas

Portuguese website Paginas Desfolhadas interviews me about O Homem Pintado, the Portuguese Translation of The Painted Man in December 2009. See the full interview here.

UK Daily Telegraph

This article ran on April 17, 2010.

Writer’s Grove

I did this short interview with Kevin Hearne.


There are about a billion reviews of The Demon Cycle books on the web already. Just about all of them can be found by clicking the “reviews” tag in my blog, but since that can be tedious, I will start compiling them here as well. These are just a small selection of the many reviews of my books.  In the more recent ones, I will try to note which have plot spoilers and which don’t, so if you haven’t read the book, you won’t accidentally find out more than you want to know. We will start with the most recent releases:

The Skull Throne

Borough of Books reviews The Skull Throne

While these books have never been a picnic in the sun, this time it’s a much much darker tale – and people get hurt. VIP people. The people you thought were surely safe. While I’m totally cool with an author doing whatever he does, certain passages did cause me to hyperventilate or in fact had me shouting at the book and the cursed heavy pages, spluttering with fury, with rage, with tears in my eyes, with eternal loss. Just writing this, recalling how it felt, made me cry. This book hits hard.

Whatchamacallit Reviews – The Skull Throne

All in all I loved The Skull Throne even as it left me positively shaking with disbelief with the events of the last 100 pages. Peter Brett is an amazing author and readers will clearly be clamoring. His characters are complicated, his story full of action and enough surprises to keep any reader guessing, and the book runs at a pace that will entrance even the most jaded of readers.

Roqoo Depot revied of The Skull Throne by Skuldren

There are moments of quiet happiness for the characters, times for the readers to rejoice and laugh out loud at choice bits of dialog. However there are also great moments of sadness and tragedy. It’s an emotional rollercoaster, but Brett’s penchant for storytelling makes it a delicious journey as it is so easy to lose yourself in the characters and this fantastical world he has created.

Fantasy Faction Review of The Skull Throne
Review from Mugglenet by Jessica. She highlights the female leads in The Skull Throne:

That’s one thing I don’t have to worry about with the Demon Cycle. Peter V. Brett doesn’t have a single “strong female character,” but dozens, all given ample development time through the course of the series. It’s made abundantly clear in this installment is that women have at least as much (if not far more) influence over events than men. And they are women from all walks of life – villagers, royals, warriors, healers, politickers, princesses – the list goes on. Though I didn’t count, I’m left with the impression that there just might be more female than male characters in this book. And that’s a good feeling to have.

Faire’s Far Book Review was one of the first Skull Throne reviews, going live on February 3rd! Here’s a little tidbit for those of you not interested in specific spoilers:

The Skull Throne is exploding with action that will leave you breathless and wanting more! Leesha is finally becoming a heroine I can rally behind as events force her to become the kick-ass woman she was born to be. The amount of back-stabbing, murdering, and mayhem will have you shouting “NO” and sitting back, whispering “WOW”
Forget True Blood. Forget Game of Thrones. The Demon Cycle should be a television series!!

Review from Book Frivolity. Check out what she has to say:

Skull Throne highlights the consequences of the various character’s past actions and decisions; how they have affected those around them as well as the progression of magic within the world. And by the end, the consequences are massive. Heart thumping, adrenalin pumping consequences. The crescendo is near perfect! 

Review from Beauty in Ruins, written by Bob R. Milne. Here’s a snippet:

Not only does Brett open up the world and broaden the scope with The Skull Throne, but he breathes new life and new excitement into a series that, suddenly, no longer seems to be heading for such an inevitable conclusion. There’s new doubt cast upon the very idea of The Deliverer, the nature of good versus evil, and our assumptions about the desert dwellers and the greenlanders.<

Messenger’s Legacy

Review by Marc Aplin of Fantasy Faction

Review from Over the Effing Rainbow

German Review for Messenger’s Legacy!

The Daylight War

In the first week of sales, The Daylight War was #3 on the London Times hardcover fiction list! Check it out:

Make sure you check out the beautifully animated U.K. Daylight War book trailer:

The Serpent’s Quill Reviews The Daylight War

Review by Hannah Rose on Realm of Reviews calls The Demon Cycle “creative and incredibly fun”.

Sephiroth Crescent’s Library says: “His characters are true, fascinating and his story is addictive” in a review of The Daylight War.

Review by 52 Reviews

Review from Sam King’s Verbose Letters

Book Reporter Review by Stephen Hubbard

Review from Serendipity Reviews by Vivienne

Review from The Cosy Dragon

Review by Gordon Zidar

Review from Just a World Away by Kriti

Review from the SFF Chronicles by Jeff

Review from Civilian Reader by Stefan

Review from Walker of Worlds by Mark

Review from KayKays Novel Journeys

Review from Fantasy Opinion

Review from Fantasy Literature

Review from the Mad Hatter

In-depth review from Robert at

Review by Bryce on Only the Best Science Fiction & Fantasy

Review from The Arched Doorway

Review from Mihir at Fantasy Book Critic

Review from Tyson at Speculative Book Review

Review from Leo at Jet Black Ink

Review from Liviu at Fantasy Book Critic

Review from Josh at Fixed on Fantasy

Review from Nicholas at N.Schimiedicker

Review from Patrick at Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore

The Great Bazaar

The Warbler review of The Great Bazaar and Brayan’s Gold

Review on Fantasy Book Critic.

Review on SciFights.

A review by the Sacramento Book Review.

Review on Fantasy Literature that also includes a review for Brayan’s Gold.

User reviews on Amazon.

Brayan’s Gold

Review from Publishers Weekly.

Short review on Sniffly Kitty.

Review on Bookish Ardour.

The Desert Spear

Short review from The Sacramento Book Review.

Short review from Romantic Times.

Review from Library Journal.

Review from January Magazine.

Great review on Sci-Fi Fan Letter.

User reviews on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

Autographed Copies

A lot of people have been asking where they can get signed copies. I try to sign shelf stock in every bookstore I can (there are signed copies all over New York, New Jersey, and London), but if you don’t live in an area I’ve passed through, there are some online options in addition to eBay.

SignedPlate_webWarded Bookplates

If you’re outside of my normal signing circles, bookplates are probably the easiest way to get your hands on a signed copy. These are adhesive plates I had designed by the great Lauren K. Cannon. They are available free while supplies last, signed and/or personalized by me. For more information including how to order one, check out my Warded Bookplate blog entry.

The Signed Page

Shawn Speakman runs a site called The Signed Page, where he makes signed copies available. Copies are done to order (meaning he sends me copies to sign as needed), so there is some delay, but this is a good resource for a collector.

Goldsboro Books

If you live in the UK, try Goldsboro, who deal exclusively in signed first editions. I recently signed close to 300 copies of The Desert Spear for them. Most were already sold, but it is still available on their site.

Mysterious Galaxy

As you may have seen on my blog, I’ve signed copies of all my books for Mysterious Galaxy bookstore in San Diego. If you’re a SD local, or want to order online, this is an efficient option while supplies last.

The Book Scouts

The Book Scouts are great at tracking down some of my harder to find books, and getting me to signed them.  That includes hardcover copies of The Warded Man and Brayan’s Gold. They’re located in Canada, but they will ship anywhere.


If you’re interested in discussing The Demon Cycle on internet forums, there are a few ongoing discussions that you can pop into. (Beware of spoilers if you haven’t read the book!) Some of the forums can be found:

On this very website. These are my official forums. You can speculate about the books, talk about fanart and fanfic, and ask me questions.

The Warded Man is the May 2010 book of the month for the Goodreads Fantasy Book Club. Interesting forum threads, including one Q&A thread answered by yours truly.

Night Angel Book of the Month Forum: The Warded Man is the May 2009 book of the month on the web forum of Brent Weeks (author of the NY Times Bestselling Night Angel Trilogy). Brent invited me to answer questions for readers, and there have been a lot of really good ones. I will try to keep popping in and giving answers for as long as they keep coming. I’ve already answered like three interviews’ worth.

The official Random House Forum:


Bookspot Central:

A Song of Ice and Fire:

SFF Chronicles:


French forum:

Polish Forum Actionum: