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Create Your Own Skull Throne Cover Contest!

Posted by Meg

Before The Daylight War was released, we ran a Create Your Own Cover contest. Fans created some seriously stunning covers.

daylightwar luke fielding daylightwarcoverdwayne

Well, with the new Skull Throne cover, art by Larry Rostant, about to be released, it’s time to predict the future and design your own Skull Throne cover!

Contest Guidelines

  1. Design your own, original cover for The Skull Throne. Any medium.
  2. Be creative! We want to see what you think makes a great cover!
  3. Submit a picture of all entries to with the subject line Skull Throne Cover. Contest is open to everyone in world! International fans, feel free to enter!
  4. This contest will run for about 3 weeks. Make sure to get your entries in by 11:59pm on August 18, 2014


For the Grand Prize, Peat will be giving out the ultimate Demon Cycle set: U.S. hardcovers of The Warded Man, The Desert Spear and The Daylight War, the rare (and valuable) Subterranean Press editions  of The Great Bazaar and Brayan’s Gold, and the Unfettered Anthology, edited by Shawn Speakman, featuring the short story “Mudboy”. On top of that, Peat will be adding in the Red Sonja Trade Paperback.


For the runner-up, the complete set of illustrated Polish Demon Cycle books.


Books, warded dice and other prizes will be given out as well!

Need some inspiration? Take a look at all of current Demon Cycle covers from all over there world. Or check out the sneak peek of The Skull Throne on Peat’s website.

We can’t wait to see your cover designs!

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Cassie Countdown: Final Week

Posted by Meg

Cassie has been hard at work knocking off her challenges one by one, each day getting a little closer to piecing together her Hawkgirl costume. Last time we checked in with her, she had unlocked the wings, mask and Hawkgirl mace! So, in the week leading up to her superhero birthday party, how many challenges has Cassie completed?


Cassie unlocked two more challenges, making her costume complete just in time for her birthday party this Sunday!

On Tuesday, Cassie’s challenge was to create her Hawkgirl vest … with me on her team! Together, we got crafty and glued some super-shiny fabric onto a bright green tank top.


Cassie did all the cutting herself.


We used a hot glue gun to stick the fabric to the shirt. Cassie helped set it up, excited to know how electricity became heat that melted the glue. But once we plugged it in, I enforced the “Don’t Touch This, it’s Very Hot” rule, even telling her a story of when I was a kid at camp and grabbed the metal nozzle, burning my hand.

Well, kids will be kids, and while adding more glue to the gun, Cassie reached out and grabbed the front. I know how much those glue guns can hurt, and Cassie was very brave as I rushed her over to the sink to run it under cold water and assess the damage. Tears, cold water and a couple of ice packs later, she was doing fine and learning a valuable lesson about why grown-ups keep telling her not to touch hot things.

After she calmed down, we finished the Hawkgirl vest together. The effect looks pretty awesome!


Next, Cassie had to finish her book, a junior novelization of the Pixar movie Brave. She read the last 25 pages in two sittings, occasionally breaking out her Scottish accent! She finished it in twenty minutes yesterday after camp.


For unlocking her book challenge, Cassie obtained her Hawkgirl green leggings and celebrated in her Hawkgirl wings!

Cassie Hawkgirl

She still has one more bonus challenge to complete to acquire her Hawkgirl action figure. Will she unlock it? Check back next week to find out!


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/r/Books Reddit AMA Today!

Posted by Meg

Peat is doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything on the books sub-reddit. He will be live starting at 4pm EST and ending when the questions run out or he passes out from exhaustion. Can’t be online at 4? You can go ahead and ask your question now!

The AMA is now live! Peat will be answering questions starting at 4pm EST. 

For those of you who haven’t not witnessed the exciting and hilarious world of AMAs, it’s basically an informally forum/interview space when anyone can participate and directly ask Peat a question! Or just leave a comment.  Check out Peat last AMA on the fantasy sub-reddit here.

reddit books logo

Want to participate but don’t know how?

Here’s how it works:

1. Create a username on Reddit in order to ask Peat a question.

2. Visit the Peter V. Brett AMA anytime today or live tonight at 4pm. Read the intro at the top and post your question (or questions) in the comments. Link to the AMA will be live tomorrow. Watch this space for when it goes live.

3. Reddit uses a pretty simple ‘upvote’ and ‘downvote’ system. See a question you want Peat to answer? Click the arrow to the upper left of the question to upvote it! Peat will answer the most popular questions first.

4. Please be considerate and hide any spoilers. Many of the people on the forum will want to talk about specific things that happened in the books, but there are a lot of folks who haven’t read all the books yet. There is a simple way to hide text that contains spoilers. [Put the spoiler text in brackets like this]and close it with the (/spoiler) tag. It should look like this: [The Warded Man is really Arlen Bales] (/spoiler)

The words are now hidden! When you roll your cursor over the section, your words will appear. There are detailed instructions at the top of the AMA page.

You can also just follow along with the ongoing discussion without making an account or asking questions. It’s up to you! Enjoy!

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Tweephole #34

Posted by Meg

Peat ramps up his word count on The Skull Throne …

FB Cover GoT


  • @PVBrett - Does this mean I’m retro or stodgy? RT @nytimes: R. P. to the middle initial
  • @PVBrett - My best writing week yet on #SkullThrone at 7,240 words. Hoping to add a few more before the counter resets on Monday. 6 chapter to go!
  • @PVBrett - Public transport has ever been my muse. Added another 1245 words to #SkullThrone. Close to 8500 for the week.
  • @PVBrett - I am not a believer in the power of prayer, but I respect this mantis’ religious freedom.


  • @PVBrett - 10040 words added to #SkullThrone this week. Maybe my best writing week ever. Plus went to the gym 5x & a weekend with my ladies. #winning
  • @PVBrett - All you have to do is say (or type) ‘Eye of the Tiger’ and that damn song gets stuck in my head.
  • @PVBrett - Perceived? RT @ResearchDigest: Authors with middle initials are perceived to be better writers: via @ivorevans
  • @PVBrett - Broke 200,000 words in #SkullThrone yesterday. Looking like the final manuscript will be around 230K. Slightly shorter than Desert Spear.
  • @PVBrett - Someone @subpress loves me.

red country

  • @PVBrett - Every time mainstream comics try to take a meaningful step to appeal to female readers, they illustrate how they just don’t get the problem.
  • @PVBrett - I didn’t think they could recapture the magic of the original, but they kinda did.

lone wolf

  • @PVBrett - Been waiting YEARS to write this action scene, and holy fuck does it feel good to finally get there. #SkullThrone
  • @PVBrett - .@AGunslinger1 I rewrote the scene with the Warded Man meeting Elissa like a thousand times. It was originally written for The Warded Man.
  • @PVBrett - We still don’t get it! Here’s another temporary rebrand! RT @io9: Marvel’s New Captain America Will Be Black
  • @PVBrett – Marvel once led the pack w/gender & racial diversity in comics. Now they’re back to making heroes female or PoC for 5min. It’s so 1980′s.
  • @PVBrett - Ok, enough bitching about the state of mainstream comics. I have a book to write. #SkullThrone
  • @PVBrett - Just saw the final full-bleed @LarryRostant art for the US #SkullThrone cover, and it literally took my breath away. Gorgeous.
  • @PVBrett - I swear, if I had a corespawned nickel for every time someone confuses me with @BrentWeeks, I could retire.
  • @PVBrett - In playground with C. See a boy shove sister down so rough I was about to step in. But then she punched him in the balls. Ah, childhood…
  • @PVBrett - Batcake!


  • @PVBrett - Adorable hatchlings in the robin’s nest beneath the floorboards of my parents’ porch.


Check out Peat’s Twitter and Facebook for more!

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Painted Man Quiz on Goodreads!

Posted by Meg

Want to prove your Painted Man knowledge? On Goodreads right now, there is a ten question quiz all on the very first book in the Demon Cycle.

Warded Man Reissue

Test yourself here, and let us know the results!

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