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/r/Fantasy subreddit AMA Highlights

Posted by Meg

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So, last week Peat did an AMA on the /r/Fantasy subreddit. From the usual hilarious comments made by fellow fantasy authors to fans raising all sorts of important questions. chose some highlights from the AMA. You can check them out here.

Here’s some of our favorite questions and comments from the day:


Dear the Real Mr. Brett, Ok, so you made a really bold choice at the end of the Daylight War that left your fans very much on the edge of something. Did you have that ending in mind from the beginning? Or did you decide to cut there because it was an easy place to divide things as you transitioned into the next book?The chapter you’ve released of Skull Throne seems to be a bit of olive branch to those who would tear their eyes out if they had to wait until early 2015 to find out what happened! Confirm or deny?


An actual fan.


It was always the plan to end Daylight War at the edge. But I confess, at the end I got cold feet and worried it might be a dick move. I discussed with my editor the possibility of including the (plotted, but as-yet-unwritten) sample chapter from Skull Throne as an epilogue.

She convinced me my original instinct was right, and the ending was much more powerful without. So I battened down the hatches to block the rotten fruits and vegetables the mob would throw and left it crunchy. Then I deliberately waited a few months and released the new chapter to ease (or at least redirect) tension for my readers.

Of course, moving forward, I expect a lot of publishers will be including the Skull Throne sample in the back of Daylight War paperbacks, so I guess it’s moot.


Do you have a favorite spot that you like to go to to write? Do you have any ritual/routines that you like to do when you write? Keep up the great work and good luck to you in the future.


Thanks!I used to write best on the NYC Subway, if you can believe that, but that was when I was commuting back and forth from Brooklyn to Manhattan regularly. I also used to write a lot in Prospect Park and the Rose Reading Room at the NYC Public Library.Now that I live in Manhattan and don’t spend as much time in transit, I have converted a small bedroom into an office where I do most of my writing.My usual writing ritual is to procrastinate as long as fucking possible before writing anything.


Will there be a mind demon pov in the next book(s)?


It’s on the agenda for book 5, The Core.


Hey I tend to find authors I like and read everything they write. After reading your Demon Cycle I will definitely be pre-ordering all your works. As for my question. What I loved most about The Painted Man was that your world, while open, had a sense that, as a human, you were trapped in self made boxes. There was this fantastic atmosphere of unspoken fear that if you decided to travel anywhere it was at terrible risk and that the world, for each person, was in fact a tiny place. In the later books as characters gathered their power that atmosphere has disappeared. Do you anticipate that as the characters grow in power that world will open up fully or as the Demons respond will we see that atmosphere return?


I think it will wax and wane a bit before we see any resolution. This is of course the story of escalation. The sabertooth was scarier before we invented the bow, but you still didn’t want to be cornered by one.

But in the Demon Cycle, the demons have more power to bring to bear than we have seen yet. People would do well to fear.


I’m dying to get my hands on The Skull Throne, but I’ll take anything I can get in between. Any plans for more novellas? Short stories? Haikus? I’ll take anything, I need my crack.


The novella based on the Mudboy short story (published in Shawn Speakman’s incredible Unfettered anthology) is already getting illustrated for Subterranean press. It is about 21,000 words (opposed to the 6,000 word short), and will probably be out just in time to be an appetizer for Skull Throne.

Be sure to check out some of the other amazing authors who will be doing AMAs, listed on the /r/fantasy subreddit page on the righthand side.


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Fan Art: Wards and Runes

Posted by Meg

Andrew from Wales has been doing some lovely ward sketches on his tumblr. Check it out:

Wards Runes tumblr_mupyjzDukA1qeiodgo1_500

These two symbols look beautiful next to each other! The first one is actually a rune from the Mortal Instruments series. The second is a palm ward from the Demon Cycle, designed by Lauren K. Cannon.

Wonderful work, Andrew. Thanks for posting!


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Warded Shoulder Tattoo

Posted by Meg

There have been some really beautiful and creative warded tattoos lately … and they just keep coming! Take a minute, to check out this awesome new warded tattoo from Adi Krupa of Poland.

Adi Warded Shoulder Tattoo

I absolutely love the shadowy shading around the wards. These giant wards are sure to keep the corelings at bay.

Check out even more Demon Cycle tattoos over on Peat’s Facebook Page.

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Epic Fantasy Tattoo

Posted by Meg

Check out this epic fantasy tattoo combining wards from the Demon Cycle along with other symbols from a variety of fantasy books by superfan Anthony.

Below, Anthony explains the different influences for his fantasy tattoo:

Did a sleeve of book tattoos and included the wards in the filling of the negative space. Has the wards and references and symbols for Brandon Sanderson, Robert Jordan, Patrick Rothfuss, Neil Gaiman, Tolkien and Shawn Speakman.

Work was done by Tierra Herrmann.

anthony snow tattoo 3 anthony snow tattoo 2 anthony snow tattoo

This tattoo is incredible. I am so blown away by the number of references and the complex artwork of the design. Thanks for sharing, Anthony!

You can always check out the full library of Demon Cycle Tattoos on Facebook.

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Beautiful Sand Demon Sketch

Posted by Meg

Check out this lovely sand demon sketch from tumblr user Anna. Here’s what she had to say about her sketch:

Sand demon from Peter V. Brett’s Demon Cycle books (amazing, go, read, now, do it).

I made a giant one with nice pens on shiny paper and things but I think I like the original scratchy sketchy one better.

Sand Demon journalboundinstars tumblr

I love how it appears to rising out of sand, and it’s fox-like appearance is really unique. Awesome job, Anna!

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