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The Skull Throne Reviewed!

Posted by Karen

Drabble contest winners will be announced soon! In the meantime, we wanted to take some time to talk about some wonderful feedback we’ve gotten. The Skull Throne has been out for a while now in the U.S. and U.K. and the reviews are piling up! Check out some of our favorites here:

Kitty G took things virtual by vlogging her review of The Skull Throne:

Here’s what other people think!

Borough of Books reviews The Skull Throne:

While these books have never been a picnic in the sun, this time it’s a much much darker tale – and people get hurt. VIP people. The people you thought were surely safe. While I’m totally cool with an author doing whatever he does, certain passages did cause me to hyperventilate or in fact had me shouting at the book and the cursed heavy pages, spluttering with fury, with rage, with tears in my eyes, with eternal loss. Just writing this, recalling how it felt, made me cry. This book hits hard.

Whatchamacallit Reviews – The Skull Throne:

All in all I loved The Skull Throne even as it left me positively shaking with disbelief with the events of the last 100 pages. Peter Brett is an amazing author and readers will clearly be clamoring. His characters are complicated, his story full of action and enough surprises to keep any reader guessing, and the book runs at a pace that will entrance even the most jaded of readers.

Roqoo Depot review of The Skull Throne by Skuldren:

There are moments of quiet happiness for the characters, times for the readers to rejoice and laugh out loud at choice bits of dialog. However there are also great moments of sadness and tragedy. It’s an emotional rollercoaster, but Brett’s penchant for storytelling makes it a delicious journey as it is so easy to lose yourself in the characters and this fantastical world he has created.

Fantasy Faction, the awesome group that organizes the annual Grim Gathering, gave talks politics and reality in their review of The Skull Throne:

I think a more accurate comparison is not A FEAST FOR CROWS, but The Empire Strikes Back. The world is very broken, and the final 100 pages of THE SKULL THRONE pack quite a few gut punches. It’s dark and sad, but complex and engaging.

You can always check on more reviews, interviews and publishing news on the News Page here.

The Skull Throne is now on sale in the U.S./U.K.! Order the U.S. edition here or visit Waterstones or UK Amazon for the U.K. version.

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Warded Cookie Feast!

Posted by Karen

Mari, on her blog Story and Somnomancy, has been hard at work in the kitchen baking some delightful high fantasy treats. She decided to perfect her sugar cookie recipe and, while she was at it, decided to add some fandom flare. Symbols from Game of Thrones, Mistborn, and the Abhorsen series made their way onto the icing and the result couldn’t be more lovely:

Fandom Cookies

Wards made for especially tasty magical symbols. No demon will eat these!


Thanks Kerry for sharing your culinary endeavors! Be sure to check out the full post here.

Posted on July 27, 2015 at 8:00 am by Karen
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Renna Cosplay: Joy Cronje

Posted by Karen

One of the most amazing and flattering ways someone can show their love for a character is through cosplay. There’s nothing better than catching sight of Leesha at a convention or seeing someone’s awesome Renna cosplay on Facebook! Each one is amazing and I can personally attest to Peat gushing over more than a few.

Today we’re thrilled to be featuring a long-time fan of The Demon Cycle—Joy Cronje! Joy was generous enough to send us awesome pictures as well as her personal thoughts throughout the cosplay process. Check it out!

“This is the first time I’ve cosplayed, and it’s the middle of winter here in South Africa, but no matter how long and hard I thought on it, Renna was the only character I really wanted to cosplay (having recently finished reading the Skull Throne). It’s the only book (this year) that has made me feel such strong emotion for the characters’ fate, and Renna has overcome a lot of pain.”


“Putting the costume together: We got a thick fluffy material to use for the top and skirt so that I wouldn’t freeze. It took two hours to cut the pattern and sew the skirt and top together, with my Ouma’s help. We aimed for it to look like a dress that’d been torn, and something cut simply enough to have been a dress a farm girl would wear day in and day out.”


“The knife, well, was just a knife from the kitchen that I warded. The meanest one my sister and I could find (haha).”


“The beads were from an Asian market, and I painstakingly warded them on both sides with a black marker for 5 hours one night, using the ward grimoire on your site. They’re real stone, but they’re white. Still, I liked the white more because the wards are more visible than they would’ve been on black beads. The cosplay was for Geekfest in South Africa, which was loads of fun, and my younger sister tagged along and took somewhat blurry pictures. Oh, I did ward my nails too. That was fun. Black marker with translucent polish over it.”


“A week later Mercia, a tattoo artist and my sister, helped re-ward my skin with an eye-pencil (lol) and took somewhat less blurry pictures in the garden. The cape or coat or hood (what do you call these things?) was one my Ouma had made a few years back, soft velvet, and a lovely colour. It worked well with the cosplay, though I didn’t ward it like I should have. I actually forgot to take it with on the day of Geekfest! Gah!”


“Lastly, post production I tried to find some stock images that would look cool behind one or two of the pictures, and photo-shopped them in. Just couldn’t resist. I do photography as a hobby, and post production is essential.”



“My greatest hope from this cosplay was that Peter would find it close to what he imagined the character and that he would like it. Erm, oh and that’s my real hair. I dye it with henna, natural, and it was coincidentally cut in drastically different lengths (it has been for the last two years).”

Thanks so much to Joy for cosplaying and for allowing us to feature her! It’s so inspiring to see an artist’s interpretation of a character and this is definitely one of the coolest we’ve come across. Not only did Joy create an entire ensemble to capture the spirit of Renna, she also manipulated the photos herself!

It took some time to get this post together, but it was worth every second! We’re so glad we got the chance to feature Joy and her amazing Renna on our blog.

If you’d like to see more cosplay, click here!

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Friday Fix Podcast: Outlining with Naomi Novik & Scott Sigler

Posted by Karen

Greetings everyone! As The Great Bazaar Drabble Contest gets close to wrapping up, we decided to take today’s post to talk about writing.

A little while ago, Peat had an appearance at Phoenix ComicCon. Despite being super busy, he managed to steal some moments to talk about an important question that every author is faced with:

Should I outline my book, or just write it?


FridayFix hosts Peat’s discussion on outlining along with fellow fantasy authors Naomi Novik and Scott Sigler! You can check out the whole interview on Scott’s website.

It’s seriously awesome. If you’ve ever craved a peek into an award-winning author’s writing process, this is the place to get it! Along with outlining, Peat also talks about ward art, his current projects, and The Demon Cycle world!


Is it better to plan ahead or go with the flow? What process works for you?

The Warded Man hardcover is now available online only! Check it out on Amazon or Books-A-Million.

The Skull Throne is now on sale in the U.S./U.K.! Order the U.S. edition here or visit Waterstones or UK Amazon for the U.K. version.

Posted on July 23, 2015 at 8:00 am by Karen
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O Protegido Ward Contest: Winners!

Posted by Karen

Hey everyone! The time has finally come. Thanks for your patience while we chose winners for O Protegido Ward Contest. It was a really difficult decision— so difficult, we had to add a few more prizes! Now, without further ado, check out our winning entries!


Instead of giving away two signed copies of O Protegido, we decided to make it three!


Marcus Vinicius snags one for his amazing sepia photo. We loved the epicness of this piece. The use of light is so dramatic and the pose is so spot-on. What else can we say? Congratulations, Marcus!


Alexia Bittencourt gets a copy of O Protegido for covering herself completely with wards. Great attitude, Alexia! Congratulations!



The last grand prize goes to Emerson Berlanda. This picture is eerie and awesome. We love the contrast of fire and darkness and the first person point of view. Really cool picture, Emerson! Congratulations!

Emerson Berlanda


Two runner-ups can have their pick of either a Portuguese or English version of The Great Bazaar!


Janayna Pin spent hours painting these wards and the effort really shows! We think your hard work warrants a prize, Janayna. Congratulations!


Lauro, Yara, and Ulisses Kociuba are a triple family threat that definitely deserves their place as runner-up! Congratulations!





A set of warded dice will be awarded to one brightly-shining contestant!


Thais Pampado wins these for her awesome light ward! The atmosphere of this picture is so great and we love the glowing effect. Congratulations, Thais!

Thais Pampado

If you didn’t win this time, don’t worry! We really want to show fans our appreciation. Therefore, all participants will receive a bookplate signed by Peter V. Brett!

Thank you to everyone who submitted to O Protegido Ward Contest. There were so many ambitious and creative entries! You can see them all here.

You can get your hands on the Brazilian translation of The Warded Man here.

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