Appearances: GameHole Con 2017!

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Hey everyone! Big news. We’re excited to announce that Peat is going to be at Gamehole Con this year!

What’s Gamehole Con?

Gamehole Con is the largest tabletop gaming convention in the upper Midwest. Here’s a video to explain it in detail and help get you pumped up!

Sounds awesome, right?? Peat’s schedule for the con is as follows:

GameHole Con – November 2-5, Wisconsin

Thursday, November 2nd – Sunday, November 5th, in Madison, WI.


Friday Signing

What: Signing

When: Friday, November 3rdth beginning at 5pm

Where: TBD

Summary: Come get your books signed and have a quick chat.


Seminar: Rolling and Writing – Inspired Gamers who became Writers

What: Seminar along with Ted Fauster, Erin Evans, and Hans Cummings

When: Saturday, November 4th beginning at 11AM

Where: TBD

Summary: Fans of tabletop roleplaying games are no strangers to the written word. Volumes upon volumes of rule systems, area descriptions, character backgrounds, backstories, world histories, magics and physics, and the like are created from scratch for every campaign, across every genre of tabletop gaming. But what happens when playing the game is not enough.

Saturday Signing

What: Signing

When: Saturday, November 4th beginning at 5PM

Where: TBD

Summary: Come get your books signed and have a quick chat.

There are tickets still available, so make sure to get them ASAP. As always, for a list of Peat’s most recent schedule, you should head on over to the Appearances page.

You can pre-order The Core here!

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Ciclo Das Trevas: A Guerra Da Luz Preorders!

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Hey everyone! A Guerra Da Luz is now officially available for preorder from Darkside Books. Peat’s Brazillian publisher has done it again, this time with the third book in The Demon Cycle, A Guerra Da Luz.

The official release date is August 29th, so get ready for it! You can also preorder A Guerra Da Luz from Saraiva here or from Amazon here.

We’re always so thrilled when we get a new Demon Cycle translation from Darkside. Their editions are one of my absolute faves, and for good reason. The printing, the design, and just the general badassery is always top tier. If you don’t believe me, check out this book-porn video of O Protegido:

Honestly, the whole set is stunning. If you live in Brazil and haven’t grabbed one of these beauties, you’re definitely missing out: 

You can pre-order The Core here!

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Core ARC Contest: WINNERS!

Hoo boy!

I thought this was going to be a pretty easy contest to judge. Oh, what sweet summer child am I. Really, I should have known better.

I try to set the bar low for these fan art contests. I want to encourage creativity, but I also want the largest number of readers to feel it’s worth their while to give it a shot, even if their skills are amateur. Longtime fans know I am an easy touch when it comes to adding more contest prizes when I can’t decide on winners.

So I kept it simple, and did a diorama contest. As any savvy second grader knows, an easy way to get around writing a long book report is a showy visual aid, like a shoebox diorama. Heck, you don’t even need to read the whole book. Just study a key scene, and recreate it with plastic army men, construction paper, and magic markers. You can do it the night before, and the teacher will love it.

And she did, until Amy Frenner presented her TWELVE page book report next, unveiling the fucking Sistine Chapel in a shoebox as her visual aid. Christ, did she use painted toothpaste caps make the lampshades?!

But I digress…

My point is, there can be a WIDE range in the quality of dioramas. I learned this the hard way. I figured anyone with a bit of time/will could enter, and I was looking forward as much to the rushed overnight jobs as the Sistine Chapels.

Plus, I had wrangled a whopping TEN giveaway ARCs of The Core, so odds of getting a prize were pretty good.

Or so I thought.

In the end, there were over 50 entries, forcing us to really dance to just keep up posting them all with the fanfare they deserved. Maybe I’m getting old and sentimental as the series ends, but I choked up at more than a few of them. Some were simple and joyful, made from whatever toys were at hand, like little doll improv groups. Others had such attention to detail that I found them incredibly touching and personal.

If you want to check out all of them, the coolest page on the web right now is the Diorama Contest Facebook album.

So really and truly, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU to everyone who entered. You have made the last couple of weeks an absolute joy, and I plan to thank you all personally in addition to this post.

But alas, the hard reality of limited Core ARCs has forced me to pick some favorites. Originally we were only going to give away 10 ARCs, but with some help from my UK publisher, I’m thrilled to say that we’ve managed to add in a few more. And thank the Creator we did, because I don’t think I could pick just ten.

So who won?

Grand Prizes

Advance Read Copies of The Core. Winners in no particular order:

1) John Stewart – The desecration of Kaji.

For over a week, John kept showing me pictures of figures molded out of plain white clay. Mind demons. A mimic. A coffin. I knew what was coming, but nevertheless, I was blown away when I saw his entry. In a scene out of Skull Throne, Alagai Ka squats over the mummy of his ancient enemy, Shar’Dama Ka Kaji, the Mind Hunter, who killed so many of his brethren in the last demon war.

This scene takes place right before all the Core breaks loose.

One detail I love is the sarcophagus coated in the oily black feces of the lesser mind demons. Minds can control their inner-magic so utterly that they can excrete a substance that is magic-dead and can effectively disable wards of protection. Gross, but super-effective.

2) Natasha Pearson – Krasian Maze

Natasha submitted this entry, but it was only through the heroic teamwork of three amazing ladies, Natasha, Marsha and Lisa, that the Maze of Krasia from The Desert Spear came to life. It is gorgeous and full of amazing little details as Jardir and Arlen try their damnedest to destroy One Arm, the rock demon that has terrorized Arlen since he was a boy. Blow up the pictures in the album and look close. You won’t regret it.

3) Carol Hinds – Mimic Demon attack

Carol is OGT. She’s been winning these sorts of contests for years, and it’s obvious why. Here she’s depicted the scene at the end of Desert Spear where the mind demon confronts Arlen, commanding its mimic to take Renna’s form. Unable to tell who is who, his indecision handicaps him against the demon prince. The Rennas are warded Barbies, and Arlen is a Riddick action figure. the demon and Renna’s discarded cloak of Unsight are handmade.

4) Ben Mills – Animated diorama (click image to see the animation)

Ben Mills hit it out of the park with his 3D digital diorama, showing another scene from Desert Spear, where Inevera and Leesha must unite against a mind demon while Jardir battles its mimic bodyguard. The still image is amazing enough, but take a minute to play the animated one. It’s brill.

5) Danielle Opp – Inevera at Hannu Pash

Danielle is another frequent contender in these contests, and she did an incredible job depicting young Inevera called to Hannu Pash in Daylight War, watching the dice light up for the first time to change her life forever. Amazing use of a Bratz doll.

6) Sophia John – Arlen & Renna’s Demonic Delights

Sophia wowed us with her creativity in going off script. In her diorama she depicts Arlen and Renna on a fictional date to a restaurant specializing in demon meat. There is a Lady & the Tramp charm to the pictures that is just delightful.

7) David Doumeng – Arlen/One Arm sculpture

I could tell you all about the making of this Warded Man entry of Arlen crippling One Arm by Dave Doumeng—who is a total boss. But why should I when you can read it in his own words? If you’re interested in seeing creativity at work, read all the pic captions in Dave’s retrospective facebook album.

8) Sophia Ungermann – Light-up maze

Another entry of the Maze of Krasia from The Desert Spear, but instead of clay this one was built out of gorgeous wood and paper lanterns, creating an effect that is downright magical. My assistant Karen insisted that this be a winner, and I couldn’t agree more.

9) Karen Elizabeth – Inevera in the Chamber of Shadows

Another Daylight War entry, this one shows Inevera in the Chamber of Shadows. I would love to gush about this, but I cannot do better than Karen’s own words, which left a lump in my throat:

I developed an unexpected fondness for Inevera while reading about her childhood in “The Daylight War”. So my diorama entry shows the forbidden moment in the Chamber of Shadows when she had completed her dice, and instead of ringing the silver chimes, cast them for herself and set herself on the path that would dictate the rest of her life (and much of the plot of the novels!)
I have a notion that the Chamber would be furnished with beautiful rugs and tapestries (like the inner sanctums of most holy places), but Inevera would never have seen them because she worked in darkness. And I also get the sense that while stone-hewn worktables and chairs would have been available, the basket-weaver’s daughter would have been more comfortable carving cross-legged on the floor, so the furniture would have been pushed aside in favour of a space cleared on a rug that she would never have known the colours of until that first throw.

10) Emma Hedges – Arlen & Jardir still fighting as they plummet after the Spear of Kaji

Emma’s diorama is from the climactic cliffhanger ending to The Daylight war, as our heroes struggle for dominance even as hard reality rushes to meet them. Emma included a few angles to her shot, and it’s worth your time to go look at them all in the full album. Amazing work.

11)  Birte – Leesha baited into the woods

Did I ever tell you about the time 13 year old Birte got her mom to drive her 9 hours across international borders so she could visit me at the Imaginales Festival in Epinal, France? She wanted to meet me in person so she could give me the music she wrote, inspired by the Demon Cycle. I swear, at her age I could barely make a crappy diorama.

Fast forward seven years, and Birte has kicked ass at almost every fan art contest I’ve had, regardless of the theme. Birte is awesome.

Her entry is a scene from The Skull Throne, when a mimic demon masquerading as Arlen leads her away from the safety of the wards and her bodyguards and into a demon ambush.

12) Raven – Book Endings

Raven wanted her entry to stand out, and boy did it ever. She made four dioramas, each depicting the final scene from one of the books: Jardir leading his people from the desert at the end of Warded Man, Arlen and Renna in the aftemath of the demon attack in Desert Spear, Arlen & Jardir’s confrontation at the end of Daylight War, and the possession of Shanjat at the end of Skull Throne.

13) John Zerne – One Arm made of sand

John sent in tons of close-ups of crippled One Arm from different angles. His diorama captures the atmosphere of young Arlen’s nemesis very well, and the detail shots really bring it to life. He must have sand all over his home now, but such is the price of art.

14) Marc Rasp – Warded Homestead

Marc was one of the first to enter the contest with this amazing diorama of a warded home under assault from a giant fire breathing wind demon. Must be a mimic. I don’t envy our defender, but his house is warded up pretty solid. Dozens of amazing entries came through after this one, but Marc held onto the prize.

15) Sarah Lockwood (and family) – Arlen vs One Arm

Sarah the Critiquing Chemist not only writes fab book reviews, she had her whole family searching the yard for rocks to help build One Arm for this dramatic confrontation with Arlen.

16) Dwayne Rose — the crippling of One Arm

Dwayne is another contest veteran, and chose the scene from Warded Man that proved to be far and away the most popular in the contest, with 7 entries devoted to it.


Runners Up

That’s all the ARCs we have to give away, but there are some amazing runner up prizes as well.

1) Amberly Smith – Veggie Krasians

This one is really adorbs, Veggie Tales Inevera wards Jardir with a potato peeler. For the giggles it gave me, Amberly will be able to protect herself with a beautiful Rock Demon ward pendant from Badali Jewelry.

2) Cáita Costa – Leesha flees into the night

Cáita’s gorgeous digital diorama of young Leesha fleeing into the night to escape her mother struck me with it’s originality and breathtaking atmosphere. Caita will now be safe from Water Demons with a Badali Jewelry pendant.

3) Istvan Tomoskozi – Paper Arlen

I love this paper Arlen vs the demons from Istvan. I will pay him for his efforts with this bronze coin from the booming economy of Hollow County, depicting its countess, Leesha Paper, from ShirePost Mint.

4) Dave Emma – Lego dioramas

Dave entered multiple times with Lego dioramas that showed creativity and a love of the books. The first is another desecration of the tomb of the Deliverer. The second Leesha and Inevwera confront a mind demon and mimic. The third shows Rojer and Thamos hunting rock demon in Angiers. Dave will be receiving a Hollow County klat from ShirePost Mint.

Thanks again to everyone who entered! You are all amazing. Everyone will receive a signed bookplate in the mail as a personal thank you.

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Core ARC Contest: Final Entries!

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Hey everyone! It’s been a long time coming, but this is it, the final batch of entries. Thanks so much to everyone who entered the Core ARC Contest. We’ve been blown away by how much time, effort, and creativity everyone put into their submissions. Seriously. You guys rock.  

This one comes to us from Emma Hedges:

 …Arlen and Jadir falling from the cliff after the spear of Kaji.

There are some scenes that are really hard to portray in certain mediums. This is one of them. That being said, Emma somehow managed to catch the epicness in these pics. The scale and angles and placement are used so cleverly. It really takes into account the scale of the scene while also making it cinematic… this was not easy, but I think Emma pulled it off big time. Really awesome job.

Next up is from Justin Scott. This submission is entitled Tomb Of Kaji:

…the main turning point of the humans’ struggle against the demons. When Arlen finds Kaji’s tomb and the combat wards.

This is so cool. I really dig the lighting going on here. Plus the spear of Kaji is on point.

Amberly Smith sent in this Veggie Tales/Demon Cycle crossover diorama…. honestly, this might be the one that surprised me most:

If someone asked me what fans were going to do for the Demon Cycle, I would never have guessed this one. absolutely in love with it.

Ben Mills sent in this moving digital diorama. Click on the picture to see it come to life right before your eyes!

I wanted to capture the first battle Jardir, Ineverah and Leesha had with the Mind and Mimic Demon. Showing how Jardir thought he was fighting the alagai prince, but was in fact only fighting his guard.

This is so awesome!! The picture is cool enough, but the fact that Ben took time to animate definitely puts it a step above (seriously, click it to watch it move, it’s amazing). What a fantastic entry!!

Aaaand, that’s it! All that’s left is for Peat to choose the winners. He’s spend the last week going through them again and again and I think the choices are close to being locked in. We should have them posted very soon, so keep your eyes out for it!

Also, you should totally head over to the Diorama Facebook Album. All the entries are so frikken’ cool and we couldn’t be happier by the response this contest turned out. It’s like I always say– Demon Cycle fans are the Best fans.

You can pre-order The Core here!

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Core ARC Contest: One-Entry-Per-Book Dioramas

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Hey everyone! We’re getting down to the wire– only a couple more posts to go. This has been a wild ride and I’m so excited for Peat to choose the winners so we can start sending off ARCs! In the meantime, check out these next submissions:

Up next is Raven who did a five-in-one entry, each one relating to a book of The Demon Cycle!

Warded man: The deliverer standing atop the ruins of Anoch Sun, with his soldiers behind

Whoa! I love the colors in this one. You can practically feel the heat and the sand underfoot. Plus using the miniatures with that background really adds depth to the scene. Really clever.

Desert spear: Renna and Arlen in the woods, Arlen promising himself to Renna!

I really liked this scene and, again, I’m in love with the color choice. The ruddy brown of the trees and all those shades of green really work well together.

The Daylight War: Arlen and Jardir compete in Domin Sharum while 14 friends and followers watch!

The ultimate schoolyard ‘fight! fight! fight!’ moment. But with less hair-pulling. There’s a sense of violence in this one that I feel really shines through in the best possible way.

Skull Throne: The captured Mind Demon chained in a tower conversing with the group about
The Core and ways to get there!

I really like the use of levels in this piece! The fact that they’re at different heights makes this shot a lot more dynamic and interesting. Very, very, cool.

The endings from each Demon Cycle book merging into the 5th book of The Demon Cycle series

It’s a mystery! But don’t worry, there’s definitely more awesomeness to come… really awesome job, Raven. All these entries are awesome on their own. Together, they’re really a force to be reckoned with.

You can pre-order The Core here!

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