Peephole In My Skull

Tweephole #33

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Check in with Peat as he and Cassie make their way through the Hawkgirl Challenge and the last chapters of The Skull Throne.

Cassie Princess Collage

  • @PVBrett - Watched Batman: Son of the Bat this weekend. Apart from the typical DC Comics gender issues, it was really well done. Thumbs up.
  • @PVBrett - I don’t wanna write a book today, but the lord of the lash says “Nay! Nay! Nay!” I’m gonna write all day, all day, all day. #skullthrone
  • @PVBrett - I was making up joke titles for Mudboy, and now I really want to write Gone with the Wind Demon and Ragen Against the Machine.
  • @PVBrett - Overhear Cass watching TV. Joker hits Harley Quinn for having audacity to defeat Batman when he couldn’t. Daddy test in 3… 2… 1…
  • @PVBrett - Three challenges down, three to go. #hawkgirl


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Summer Signings – London!

Posted by Meg

As you may have heard by now, Peat will be doing a variety of signings and events in London this coming August. For all you Brits, here’s a chronological rundown of Peat’s events and signings, though there are more TBD:

Upcoming Events:

Fantasy Faction’s Grim Gathering

NEW Grim Gathering Poster

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014 at Waterstones Kensington, 193 Kensington High St, London W8 6SH

With Joe Abercrombie, Mark Lawrence and Myke Cole.

6:30pm until 7:00pm will be a panel discussion with the writers on the fantasy genre.
7:00pm until 7:15pm will be questions from the audience.
7:15pm until 8:00pm will be a signing with all four authors.
8:00pm until late will be an after party at a local inn. Come drink and chat with the authors and other fantasy fans. Location TBD

Signing at Forbidden Planet in London

1pm Thursday, August 14th, 2014 at Forbidden Planet, 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London WC2H 8JR

World Con

August 14-18th, 2014 at ExCel London Dockland, U.K.

Wheel Of Time Panel

Saturday 12:00

Details TBD

With Harriet McDougal and Maria Simon. Moderated by Adam from the Wertzone.

Meet the New King, Same As The Old King

Saturday 19:00 – 20:00

Why is fantasy so often about making the world better by getting the rightful king on the throne, rather than by doing away with monarchy entirely? Where are all the revolutions? Why don’t wizards use magic to create indoor plumbing and better infrastructure?

Juliet E McKenna, Joe Abercrombie, Rjurik Davidson, Delia Sherman, Peter V. Brett

These Are Not the Elves You’re Looking For

Sunday 18:00 – 19:00

To what extent do modern fantasy novels play on readers’ familiarity – and fatigue – with genre tropes and conventions? For example, Andrzej Sapkowski, Justina Robson and Raymond E Feist have all created worlds in which the traditional Tolkienian model of benevolent, wiser-than-thou elves is challenged in various ways. Is deconstruction a new trend, or has genre fantasy been doing it for decades? How do recent debates about the cultural specificity of the English-language fantastic, and the lack of relevance of this aesthetic for audiences outside North America and the UK, affect our views of these issues?


Other WorldCon panels, signings, and talks TBD.

You can check out all of Peat’s upcoming events on the Appearances Page or RSVP on Facebook.

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Warded Engravings

Posted by Meg

Tadeusz on Facebook sent Peat these beautiful warded engravings he created himself:

warded squares tadeusz

Incredible! These feel like artifacts buried beneath the rocks of Thesa! Thanks for posting!

Want to view more incredible fan art? You check out our board of amazing warded art here.

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More Inevera Cosplay from Poland!

Posted by Meg

Looking like the cover art from The Daylight War, this Inevera cosplay is just blowing us away. We posted about it a couple weeks ago when someone spotted this fan at  Dni Fantastyki in Wroclaw, Poland. Here are some additional shots of Olka as Inevera and wielding some serious magic.

Olka Salwach Inevera1 Olka Salwach Inevera2 Olka Salwach Inevera3 Olka Salwach Inevera4


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Cassie Countdown: Three Challenges Unlocked!

Posted by Meg

Last week, Cassie started her Hawkgirl challenge!


 In a nutshell, Cassie must unlock all challenges in order to put together her Hawkgirl costume in time for her birthday bash in late July. Cassie started out strong by unlocking challenge number one on the first go. She read (on her own) for an entire hour and earned her Hawkgirl mask.

The next challenge, however, proved to be a bit more difficult. Cassie had to remember to clear all her dishes and silverware after each meal without being reminded. After having to reset the clock during the first week, Cassie completed it on her second try! In doing so, she unlocked her Hawkgirl wings!

What was next for Cassie? In Injustice (the game Peat bases Cassie’s challenges on), you sometimes have to team up with other superheroes in order to unlock an achievement. For Cassie’s Japanese food eating challenge, Peat had to be on her team. In order to unlock it, Cassie had to have a whole meal of Japanese cuisine including: edamame, brown rice, shrimp shumai, teriyaki beef, salad with ginger dressing and chicken sharaku. Cassie aced it, and began to master the art of chopsticks.


Cassie’s three challenges down, earning her mask, wings and mace. But there’s still a bunch to go, including creating a Hawkgirl vest with me! Will she complete her Hawkgirl costume in time? Check back soon to find out!


In the meantime, Cassie will be hard at work mastering defense skills with her brand new Hawkgirl mace. Can she keep the batarangs at bay?

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