Blood and Suvudu

Getting a little nervous as ComicCon and the completion of The Desert Spear loom. With any luck, I will finish TDS just before I head out to the con. When I look back at what I’ve written over the last two years, I am very pleased, but there is still that nagging fear and doubt […]

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The Offensive

As you can see, I found a slightly larger image of the awesome cover of the third and final manga-sized installment of The Painted Man in Japan, which went on sale just the other day. Twilight Dancer looks big and badass, almost like he was a demon himself, which is exactly how he is described […]

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Joy Like I Never Knew Existed

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Hope is Cassie’s Middle Name

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Been very busy lately trying to finish the first draft of The Desert Spear. It’s close. I can smell it. I can also smell baby formula. That stuff stinks, and it clings to everything. Yuck. Anyway, a lot of topics I’ve been saving for blog posts have been piling up, and while some of them, […]

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