Final Homemade Hero Entries (1 of 3): Clay Leesha

So I checked my e-mail around 2am last night just to make sure there were no final entries before the 12:01 deadline. Nothing. So I went to bed thinking the contest was over and I knew who the winners were.

But then this morning, I sleepily checked the e-mail on my phone as part of my “I’m still too sleepy to get out of bed but my brain is awake” morning ritual. There were not one, not two, but THREE fantastic new entries, all of which came around 2:30am, and all of which came with technicalities. You see, I never specified EST in my deadline…

But really, it’s not like I was going to disqualify someone for being a few hours late anyway, especially after they put in a ton of work. I think rules help keep us from chaos, but that doesn’t mean I’m a dick about it.

So without further ado, I will post the last three entries, and then take a few days to debate the winners with my braintrust. I have secured some GREAT runner up prizes!

The first comes from Liz in the UK (click pix to enlarge):

Dear Peat,

I know this is last minute. I took you very seriously when you said until 12:01. It is now 2:55 am here in Hull (UK), and I am embracing the fact that that makes me a geek. I have also just realised I have got black acrylic paint on my favourite jumper. All in the name of art… 😛

I decided to make Leesha, the herb gatherer, because I think she is ace. I had wanted to make Twilight Dancer as well, but I’m afraid I didn’t have time. Well, here’s my entry anyway (sorry for the poor picture quality):

She’s made from air-drying clay….

…painted with acrylic paint. The outfit is made from white muslin (skirt includes herb pouch, though it’s not very clear here.) and an old Etam t-shirt.

The cloak is made from white muslin, blanket stitched (by hand) all round the outside, painted black and then warded.

Oh, and I mugged a pound shop Barbie for the boots, repainted them and laced them up where the cheap, nasty plastic split. I also stole the barbie’s hair, though it was blonde so I had to paint it black. Apparently cheap barbies only come in blonde.

This project took longer than I anticipated, and didn’t come out as well as I’d have liked. The hair has gone a bit wiry and painting her face was very difficult.

But anyway, I hope you like what I came up with. It was tremendous fun to do, so thank you for giving me something to be creative with.

And finally, what became of ‘Joanna’……

A Coreling victim perhaps??

My housemate came in to offer me a cup of tea and saw this decapitated Barbie… there were raised eyebrows.

Anyway, happy Thanksgiving for yesterday, still technically today for you. Thank you for wonderful books and a wonderful contest.

Liz x


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  1. Haha oh dear… apparently I got the time difference wrong! Thank you very much for still accepting my entry 🙂 Glad I wasn’t the only one who sent it in so late.
    X Liz

    Posted by Liz, on November 28th, 2010 at 8:47 am