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Google Play Sale: Desert Spear

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! This sale is for our friends across the pond. For the rest of this month, you can get The Desert Spear for just £1.99 in this month’s Google Play sale! To check out the sale, head on over to Google Play here! Quick reminder that the Warding For Treasure Contest […]

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Brazilian Review of The Desert Spear!

Posted by Karen Hey everone! The Brazilian edition of The Desert Spear has only been out for a little while, but we’ve already got reviews. It’s so awesome to see fans discussing The Demon Cycle and we’re grateful to everyone who shares their thoughts. Here’s a review excerpt from our friends at INtocados (translated by […]

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A Lança do Deserto: Cia do Leitor Review!

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! Reviews are awesome. We’ve had some great ones for The Demon Cycle and I absolutely love reading them. That being said, I’ve noticed a trend that people don’t like to write only positive things. For every praising point, it seems like there has to be a critique. This isn’t a […]

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My Escape From Reality: Interview

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! Peat recently did an interview with Alex from minha-fuga-da-realidade (translated as my-escape-from-reality). It was an awesome experience that marks Darkside’s release of The Desert Spear in Portuguese. There were a lot of great questions including how Peat started writing Fantasy and the awesome background of how the wards came to […]

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The Desert Spear In Brazil!

Posted by Karen Look out Brazil! Well, it’s finally happened. After a long wait, we’re excited to announce that The Desert Spear‘s latest translation (A Lança do Deserto) is now available in Brazil! Darkside Press posted some teaser pictures on their website. Personally, I think this edition looks -awesome-! Seriously, this is some straight-up book porn. […]

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