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Demon Cycle Pinterest!

Posted by Meg Peat is now on Pinterest! We’ve starting organizing book covers, fan art and pictures from cons and signings onto Pinterest. Click here to follow Peat’s boards and keep up with all things visual and Demon Cycle!

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Demon Cycle Avatar Photos

Posted by Meg Angela (Burkheadion on DeviantArt) posted these lovely close-up shots of various Demon Cycle avatars from the books, as well as some choice lines of text. You can see all of Angela’s beautiful photos here.

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Generation Hollow: Demon Cycle Re-read!

Posted by Meg Hilarious as ever, the Youtube channel Generation Hollow re-reads the Demon Cycle for the first time as a sort of follow-up to the video he made about a year ago. Great video for first time readers or longtime fans of the series. He does a great job of describing the books with […]

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Badass Jardir Tattoo

Posted by Meg Tattoo artist Jarek Goraj Gorajek has pulled of an incredible tattoo of Jardir … I absolutely love this. It’s such an epic image, and the detail and shading is fantastic. Be sure to check out more Demon Cycle tattoos over on Facebook! We don’t have the name of the person who got this […]

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Serbian Desert Spear

Posted by Meg The Serbian translation of The Desert Spear, Pustinjsko Koplje, is has been on sale from Laguna Publishing for a while now. Peat recently received the physical book in the mail. It’s interesting to see what countries keep the US or UK covers and which ones create their own Demon Cycle art. Serbia chose […]

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