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Skull Throne ARC Contest!

Posted by Peat Hey, all. This is a fairly long post. If you’re just interested in getting to the meat of it and finding out how to get your greedy hands on an advance copy of ST, skip to the end! Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog lately. It’s not that I […]

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Re-Release of U.K. Audiobooks!

Posted by Meg Good news! The new Demon Cycle audiobooks are available for pre-order now! The new audiobook recordings feature the amazing Colin Mace narrating. You can now download The Painted Man, The Desert Spear, The Daylight War with the new recording as well as The Great Bazaar and Brayan’s Gold. Messenger’s Legacy is currently available for […]

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Gemmell Awards Interview

Posted by Meg Want to hear the latest from Peat on The Daylight War, writing novellas and The Skull Throne? Check out his latest interview now live on the Gemmell Awards website. Nominees for the 2014 Legend Award Interviewer Alex  asks about Peat’s nominated book, The Daylight War as well as the details on Peat’s […]

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Generation Hollow: Demon Cycle Re-read!

Posted by Meg Hilarious as ever, the Youtube channel Generation Hollow re-reads the Demon Cycle for the first time as a sort of follow-up to the video he made about a year ago. Great video for first time readers or longtime fans of the series. He does a great job of describing the books with […]

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/r/Fantasy subreddit AMA Highlights

Posted by Meg So, last week Peat did an AMA on the /r/Fantasy subreddit. From the usual hilarious comments made by fellow fantasy authors to fans raising all sorts of important questions. chose some highlights from the AMA. You can check them out here. Here’s some of our favorite questions and comments from the day: […]

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