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Fanart: Mind Demon Tattoo!

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! Check out Krzysztof Blonski’s frikken mind-blowing mind demon tattoo. Seriously, this thing is wicked cool: Some of you might recognize the art as Dominik Broniek’s (illustrator for the Polish translation of The Demon Cycle). There have been other tattoos done of his official artwork, but this is definitely a good […]

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Lucky Klats

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! We’ve had warded coins in the works for awhile now and we’re HELLA excited.             These warded Hollow County klats are made of wood with protective wards carefully etched around the perimeter. Look familiar? Keen-eyed fans might recognize the image of Leesha in the center […]

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Fanart: One Arm and Raddie!

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! Lobsterkiahl tweeted us these awesome pics of demons. First up is an old favorite– One Arm: I love the plating on its tail! Someone would have to be pretty damn strong to get through that. Remember that Modern Demons giveaway we had a few weeks back? This second pic is […]

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Warded Wednesday: Favorite Lines Winner!

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! Last week we asked you to let us know your favorite lines from The Demon Cycle. There were some good ones, so this one was chosen at random: “We are what we chose to be, girl ‘ she said, ‘Let others determine your worth, and you’ve already lost, because no […]

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Warding for Treasure Contest

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! We’re pleased to announce the launch of the Demon Cycle Badali Jewelry line. Whatever type of demon you’re trying to fend off, there’s something here to aid your battle. We have warded rings and pendants, some with custom enamel in your choice of color, with more exciting pieces to come! […]

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