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Fanart: Two Tattoos

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! Last week, we got word of two die-hard fans who got companion tattoos! These are seriously frikken awesome. The lines of the ward circles are so clean and they’re spaced -perfectly-. The rest of those tatts don’t look bad either! Seriously awesome tattoos, guys. They’ll keep you protected for a […]

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Warded Man/Messenger’s Legacy Reviews!

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! We’ve been browsing though some awesome review posted up on the web. Most are pretty great, so we decided to share them here! Enjoy! It’s been a long time since it’s original publication, but fantasy fans are still cracking open The Warded Man/The Painted Man for the first time: If […]

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Cosplay: Warded Warriors!

Posted by Karen I love roleplay. Whether it’s your traditional D&D (3.5-esque Homebrew for me), GURPS, or a full-on LARP, it’s always a blast! A few months ago, we were contacted by Erik who showed off these fantastic LARP cosplays inspired by The Warded Man: “Two warded warriors getting ready to say their prayers before […]

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Fanart: Gorgeous Leesha Paper

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! We recently got an amazing piece of fanart featuring our favorite herb gatherer. This gorgeous piece was done by Mary Ellen Perez Camposano. Check it out: Thanks so much to Mary for sending it in! You can check out all the fanart we’ve gotten so far this year in Peat’s […]

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Skyrim Mod: Arlen Bales

Posted by Karen Hey everyone! I love my video game brethren. You might remember OldNile’s Skyrim character recreations that we gushed about a little while ago. They were, to date, some of the coolest re-imaginings of Peat’s characters that I’ve seen. Recently I was browsing some gaming forums and came across what LOOKED like Arlen […]

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